Reviewing Caged Magic

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I finished an advanced reading copy of Caged Magic a few days ago but wanted to take some time to think about my review and I have been busy with a crazy work schedule. This book is number five in the Wing Slayer Hunters Series though it happens to be the first one that I’ve been able to read. One of the many things that is great about this book is the fact that it can be read as a standalone so if you’re new to the series like I am, you don’t have to start from the beginning to get into each book. I would recommend starting from the beginning though as I plan to in order to get a better understanding of the series and the other characters mentioned in this book.

Risa once adored her Mom and Dad, was spoiled and cherished. When she learns the truth behind her rich life, her world was turned upside down. She finds herself helping her Dad do things that no woman should ever have to be a part of and doesn’t become free until her Dad is murdered. Instead of following in her Dad’s footsteps, she chose to rise above a terrible situation and to protect women who need to be guarded. Risa is an Earth Witch who knows about the power she can wield and the consequences that have resulted particularly when she was forced to use her wiles and shield magic which caused some of the souls she encountered to become trapped into her shield and they are slowly breaking apart her mind. When her best friend Blythe and her daughter Kendall need her assistance to get away from Kendall’s deadbeat Dad whose name is Archer, she doesn’t realize it until later that Archer is only half human and part demon. Despite having powers, it’s not enough for Risa to be able to protect the two most important people in her life and when something happens to Blythe and Kendall is kidnapped, she vows to do everything to get her Goddaughter back.

Linc is a Wing Slayer Hunter who fights demons, gambles, is seen as a bit of a playboy and doesn’t think that he needs a mate in the sense that his other brethren have but does know that in order to gain the power that he needs to help those under his care, knows that he needs his soul mirror. His soul mirror is the equivalent of a soul mate and meant to complete him and keep him from going to the dark side. Linc was betrayed by his mother has a young teenager and endured things that no young boy should have to go through. He was helpless to stop it from happening and yet chose to rise above his circumstances and become a person that guards others and fights demons. When he first comes across Risa, he doesn’t know her name but knows instantly that he’s his soul mirror and does everything in his power to save her from demons.

Linc and Risa really are a great match because they both had crappy parentage though chose to rise above their circumstances, became amazing human beings and to protect those they care for with their powers instead of using them for evil purposes. Neither judges the other when they come clean about their pasts and as they get to know each other, form a deep bond. Both are reluctant to get into a relationship but neither can resist the pull. Risa will do anything to get her god daughter away from Archer though she lets Linc and his fellow slayers think that Kendall is really her daughter. Linc has a lot of patience, understanding and control in regards to Risa having troubles with being touched due to her past. The more time he spends around Risa, the harder it becomes for him to resist completing the bond that is needed in order to heighten both of their powers. He does earn her trust though and eventually they complete their bond which was quite steamy.

In my opinion, Archer really is a deadbeat Dad. He’s spent most of his life being a spoiled, rich playboy who wants to have fun but doesn’t want to deal with the consequences. When Archer learned he was going to be a Dad, he paid Blythe to keep his name of the birth certificate and until recently, didn’t seem to want anything to do with Kendall until recently. When he learns that he can save his Mom from his deadbeat demon Dad by handing over Kendall, he does everything he can to make that possible including giving into his demon side.

His mom turns out to be a witch that served his Dad and knew what she was getting into. She could have insisted that her son save himself or at least her grandchild but chose to be selfish and get both involved. The only redeeming quality of Archer is that he wanted to save his mom but that’s not much in the grand scheme of things. Kendall is an innocent child who is too young to understand what’s going on and goes through quite the experience. Archer and his mom really are a couple of characters that are easy to dislike.

When Linc learns the truth about the parentage of Kendall, it certainly puts a spin on things as well as the other slayers and left me wondering whether the quest would continue to save the baby from her dead beat Father’s side of the family. I won’t reveal what happened in the aspect because that would be giving away spoilers but it is for sure worth the read.

This book was a page turning mix of action, romance, humor and a tad heartbreak. Initially I was planning to take my time reading this book but after a few pages, found it hard to put down and set aside the other books I was reading because I couldn’t wait to see what next would happen. Risa and Linc make a wonderful couple and I can’t wait to see what next is in store for this couple as well as the other Slayers in the group.

I want to take a moment to thank Jennifer Lyon for allowing me to have an advanced reading copy of Caged Magic. I’m so glad I was able to read it before the release and hope others will enjoy this books as much as I did. Caged Magic is being released today which I’m very excited about and I hope that many people will be able to enjoy it. I’m looking forward to reading the previous books in the series and to see what next Jennifer has up her sleeve for the Wing Slayers.

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In light of Caged Magic being released tomorrow, this post isn’t going to include the other books that I’m currently reading. I will talk about them in another blog post which will be soon. So be sure to stay tuned and see what next I have on my list.



Reviewing Once Burned and Other Bookish News

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The sun is shining, I don’t have to be to work until later than usual and it’s a Sunday morning which is perfect to post my review on a book that I finished recently. Generally I like to post a review shortly after finishing the book so that the details are fresh in my mind but I’ve been busy with work lately so alas haven’t had the time.

Once Burned is the story of a woman named Leila who touched a downed power line by accident in a storm several years ago and upon waking in the hospital, found that it left her with the power to literally shock or electrocute someone depending on the voltage that happens to be running through her body at the time. She’s haunted by having unintentionally killed her mother who tried to help her when she passed out after being shocked by the power line. The power to shock someone also came with the ability to touch an object or person and be able to see their past as well as their future which she generally tries to avoid as she briefly finds herself living that person’s life while temporarily seeing their past or future including their pain. Realizing that she can’t have a job that’s considered normal, she joined a traveling circus and her best friend is a dwarf vampire named Marty.

When she finds herself kidnapped by three vampires, she links with a man who has the ability to control fire and reaches out for help, not knowing that she’s connected with Vlad Tepesh, the notorious vampire that Dracula was inspired by though Bram had all wrong.  Vlad has the fascinating abilities to control fire, read minds, fly, is very fast, can regenerate and has amazing strength. When he comes to the rescue of Leila, she at first has no idea what she’s gotten herself into and just assumes that she’s able to walk away. When she finds that she can touch Vlad without hurting him and long exposure to her touch doesn’t seem to bother him, she finds herself intrigued while also looking for ways to get back to her life. Vlad whisks her off to his private jet and she at firsts resists going to Romania until she realizes that there isn’t a choice and her curiosity wins out.

Leila soon learns that there’s an enemy who is willing to do anything to capture her to get to Vlad. Though she’s not keen on helping out Vlad at first, she doesn’t like being a pawn in someone’s game and just wants to get to the bottom of things so she can get back to her work and life that’s waiting for her even if it can be a rather lonely existence at times. Vlad is often bossy, frustrating, sending mixed signals but also will do anything to protect his people which Leila can admire to an extent but doesn’t appreciate having to be under the rule of someone. Then she finds herself being drawn to the moody Vlad the more time she spends with him and has a night of passion which she thought she’d never be able to experience with a man due to her abilities.

After a still unknown enemy puts Leila in danger and those she has come to care for with a fire at a club one night, she no longer is an unwilling sidekick but wants to get to the bottom of who his enemy is and be done with him. When the identity of this enemy is learned, it sends Vlad for a loop and someone who he thought was long dead is very much alive.

Then Leila finds herself kidnapped yet again while searching for the whereabouts of the enemy who also has her dearest friend Marty held captive and drives her to such a desperation that her powers take on a whole new deadly force. Her kidnappers learn too late that she’s a force to be reckoned with and that you should not make a woman who harnesses electricity angry. Then you add in a very angry Vlad who can link to Leila through thoughts and the enemy soon learns that he was way in over his head. Crispy vampires anyone?

I really enjoyed reading this story particularly that it seems to have been inspired by the movie Van Helsing with Jeaniene mentions in her foreword. At times while reading, I was reminded of Beauty and the Beast which is one of my favorite fairy tales and I love reading a variety of different versions. This book had quite the funny moments which I found myself laughing out loud particularly the banter between Vlad and Leila. At times she’d forget that he could hear her thoughts and he was often amused by what she’d often think but not say.

I loved the fact that Leila didn’t let what happen to her keep her down and she was a tough woman who refused to be pushed around. She was scarred due to the accident and would often see a variety of different reactions from people to her disfigurement but she chose to ignore that and wasn’t offended when people would comment. She chose to turn what was a terrible tragedy into something that she could make a living of and didn’t wallow in self pity. Leila is a woman with a big heart who fiercely guards those that she cares for and refused to let Vlad boss her around.

Vlad is a very interesting character though at times he reminds me of a beast. He’s formidable, pushy, often grouchy and really isn’t a people person. But beneath that gruff exterior, is a man who chose to rise above the tragedies he’s faced in his long life and be the protector of those who have been brought under his care. He’s drawn to Leila and soon realizes that she’s his match in ways that past lovers weren’t able to live up to. He’s certainly got his hands full and secretly loves the challenges that come with having Leila as a lover.

From the moment I turned to the first page of this book, I was hooked and was eager to see what next would happen particularly between Leila and Vlad. They really are quite the dynamic duo and balance each other out. This was the first book in a new series that I picked up shortly after it came out. I was busy with other books at the time so didn’t get a chance to read it until now. Much to my surprise, I found out that there are now two other books in the series and I can’t wait to see what next is in store for Leila and Vlad.

Currently I am still reading three books which is keeping me very busy in between having to do that thing called work to support my book habit and other stuff that I have to pay for. The first book that I am reading is an ARC of Caged Magic by Jennifer Lyon which is number five in the series. I’ve just started it yesterday and so far I am really enjoying it. From what I’ve read, it’s the story of Risa and Linc who are formidable in their own ways. Risa is a powerful witch who is trying to help her best friend Blythe and her friend’s infant daughter Kendall escape Archer, the former boyfriend and father of Kendall and tried to kidnap Kendall for some nefarious scheme. Risa soon learns that Archer isn’t just some thug but is in fact a very powerful demon that didn’t want anything to do with Kendall until recently and she will do anything to protect Kendall who is her goddaughter and owns a good chunk of her heart. Linc is a Wing Slayer who has a tortured past and goes out of his way to help those in need, particularly women who are in trouble. He’s often haunted by those that he couldn’t save and has just helped save a woman in need when he finds himself drawn to Risa just before she’s kidnapped with Kendall and knows that he’ll do everything he can to save her from Archer particularly now that he knows she’s the mate he’s searched for all his life. I had to stop reading just at the part where Linc shows up at the place Risa finds herself trapped in which is a strip club with an electric collar around her neck. I can’t wait to get back to it!

The second book I’m reading is the Fellowship. I’m really enjoying reading this book though it’s taking me a while to read as I keep it at home because I worry about carrying the book around with me and having it get damaged. I’m about one hundred pages in and Frodo has made it to Crickhollow with his faithful friends Sam, Merry and Pippin. They’ve been followed by the creepy dark figure on a dark horse but have managed to make it safely to Crickhollow with the help of Mr. Maggot and since crossing the Brandy Wine River, haven’t seen the dark figure since. As I read the book, I’m thinking about the movie and love the fact that the book gives more details into what happens from the Shire to where they are now. I’m curious what next will happen and what adventures they’ve come across. I’ve seen the movies several times so have a general idea but am eager to see what different adventures will be in the book.

The third book that I’me reading is the Revised Edition of the Outlandish Companion though I haven’t had a chance to read much of it in the last few weeks. I’ve read a bit about the details of what’s gone into the t.v. series and enjoy reading Diana’s take on things. She’s a very descriptive writer who often mixes in whit and fascinating aspects that keep me very interested. Again, I can’t wait to read Volume 2 of the Outlandish Companion which won’t be out until late October.

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So that wraps up my ramblings for the day and will be continued once I finish one or two of the above books. I can’t promise that I might not get distracted by other books in the meantime but rest assured that I will be back with a review or two so tune in soon.



A Review of Mostly Harmless and Books I’m Currently Reading

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I came back from vacation a week ago though I’ve been so busy with going back to work and reading that I haven’t had much chance to post a review on the last book I finished. My vacation was very adventurous by the way including a first for flying and traveling across country in a moving van. So here is my delayed review and news about what I’m currently reading. Enjoy!

I really enjoyed reading this book despite the ending that seemed to not really be an ending and was rather confusing.
I was so excited to see Arthur living happily and then suddenly, that happiness in the form of the love of his life disappears as he finds himself on another adventure in space in search of the question to forty two and what it may have to do with everyone around him, particularly Fenny.
Eventually Arthur is able to find happiness on a planet similar to Earth while living a very simple life in the form of no technology and being known at The Sandwich Maker. Then out of the blue, Trillian appears with a little girl and he find out that the girl is named Random and she’s his daughter. I laughed when I realized that out of his donations of sperm, his just happened to be mixed with Trillian to form a girl who is confused, angry at the world in general & wondering where she fits in.
This book also brings Ford back into the picture who also seems to mess up Arthur ‘s plans & yet there’s a friendship of sorts.
There was insight into Trillian in a parallel universe who made different choices & had quite a different life.
This book certainly jumped around & came up with many surprised and left a lot of questions behind. This book was very random but I really didn’t mind & found it entertaining.
I wasn’t happy with how the book ended but I am still glad I read it. If Adams were able to give answers, I’d probably have questions a mile long.
Looking forward to the next book which is called And Another Thing that wasn’t written by Adams but is in the same universe & hopefully answer a lot of the questions. It was written by Eoin Colfer who was a big fan of Adams’ work and was given the go ahead by Adams’ widow to continue the series. I enjoyed reading his first Artemis Fowl book and I’m hopeful that he’ll do a great job on representing Adams.

In other news, I am currently reading three books at once which isn’t as hard to do as I thought it would be. I’m reading Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost which is first in her Prince series and touches briefly on characters from her Night Huntress series. I haven’t read that series but from reading the blurbs on the series, I recognized Cat and Bones. So far, I’m very much enjoying it and have the first e-book in her other series that I mentioned which is for sure on my to be read list. I won’t give away the details of Once Burned but will comment that it’s a very entertaining read and plan to read the rest of the books in the series.

The second book I am reading is The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien. My wonderful boyfriend bought me the LOTR set including the Hobbit that are pocket sized and leather bound. They are smooth to the touch and came in a beautiful case. It’s my first time doing a read through of Tolkien’s series and I’m enjoying the details that he puts into his world and explaining more about the Hobbits. I’m enjoying learning more details about the Hobbits and looking forward to what more I will learn by reading the books. I’ve seen the movies countless times so it’s about time that I read the books.

The third book I am reading is The Outlandish Companion by Diana Gabaldon. I own the original and borrowed the updated version (released 2015) to see the difference between the two. I’m enjoying reading the updated material which talks about the t.v. show which had its first season last Fall. Both of these books talk about the first four books that she wrote, the details that went into the writing and other fascinating tidbits that are worth reading especially if you’re into her Outlander Series. It may take me a while to read through the whole book though I’m sure it’s more than worth the time. What I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on is the Volume 2 that will be released in October and will talk about her last four books that she has written.

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So I hope you’ve enjoyed my ramblings and tune in soon to see what next will be on my list.