A Review of The Last Labyrinth

Good afternoon,

I know that this update is quicker than I’ve posted in the past but I just couldn’t resist posting about this book which had my attention from the beginning. Though it’s been a while since I’ve read the last book, delving into this story was just like catching up with a friend I haven’t seen in years and able to pick up right where I left off. It has actually been sitting on my bookshelf for a while and I decided to try getting back into this series once again.
Percy Jackson has had a confusing, difficult and yet fun time of thing since finding out that he’s a demigod and his Dad just happens to be Poseidon. This year will be the most difficult yet and he will learn a lot about himself, the Gods and his friends.
When Percy and his friends learn that Luke may have found a hidden way into Camp Half Blood to destroy his fellow demigods and Kronos is on the rise, they learn that the only possible way to stop Kronos could lie in going through a Labyrinth to locate Daedalus who created the Labyrinth and could be a big help in stopping the evil Titan Kronos. Percy sets out on a quest with his friend Annabelle, half brother Tyson and best friend Grover who is seeking to find Pan and save the wild.
Things don’t go quite as planned, treachery is at hand, friendships are strengthened and wills are being tested and a betrayal lies in wait that will shock nearly everyone.
I really enjoyed this book and found it hard to put down. Riordan has an amazing way of combining Greek Mythology with modern times and tossing in laughter from time to time.
I was very surprised about a few characters and twists along the way that constantly kept me guessing.
There were areas where I was laughing out loud and others in which I felt bad for a few of the characters.
Percy and many of his friends are still growing into their powers and once they do, it will be a sight to see.

Daedalus did something very surprising and yet noble at the end of the book which I admired him for. Despite the pain and troubles that he went through, he chose to help out Percy when it was needed the most. He certainly wasn’t the person that he seemed and also realized that some of the actions he took in the past would eventually catch up to him.

Overall, I very much enjoyed this book and can’t wait to get my hands on the next book to see what is in store for Percy, his friends and the Gods.

I did have some questions in regards to the series but I think a reread will take care of that and maybe some day I can ask Riordan in person should I get the chance to and if I were to remember to write down a list of questions to ask. One of the great things about this particular series is that it’s fascinating for both kids and adults alike.

I plan to do a reread of this series once I finish the last book which is called the Olympians though that may be a while with my current to be read list pile. This list seems to grow each day though I have tried to curb it a bit until I can get through some of the paper and e-books that I personally own.

In other news, I am still currently slowly making my way through The Fellowship. This is one of the few books that I’ve taken a while to read through but most of that is because I don’t want to damage the beautiful book and I don’t want to be around distractions while reading it because I think it deserves to be savored. I really would have loved to have read the books before seeing the movies but I don’t think I would have appreciated the storyline then as I can now. I shall update soon on the progress of this particular book.

The second book that I am currently reading is called Acts of Creation. I just recently started reading it a couple of days ago and I am already into it despite not having much time as of yet to really read it. I’m really enjoying the Dante character so much and am curious as to what may have happened to cause him to be in the current frame of mind he happens to be in. The poor guy is having quite the rough time with family stuff and personal issues in general. I can’t wait to see who will be the love interest to brighten his day and help him heal from his past.

Books Mentioned In This Post

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Acts of Creation by Elisabeth Staab- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25913434-acts-of-creation?from_search=true&search_version=service

The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/4502507-the-last-olympian?from_search=true&search_version=service

This wraps up another post involving my bookworm ramblings that always seems to be longer than expected. Alas there’s only so much time within a day and other things that draw me way from reading but maybe some day I can actually get paid to read books. A bookworm can dream anyways. Thank you so much for tuning in and be sure to check back soon.




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