A Review of Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce

Good evening,

This book captured my attention from the beginning. Beka is back with her cat Pounce, her two idols Tunstall & Goodwin & is on another adventure.
Beka is now a first year Dog in the Provost’s Guard and it’s keeping her busy as she tries to find the right partner while dealing with daily life in the Lower City. When things don’t work out with her latest partner, she finds herself teaming up with Tunstall and Goodwin. When the price of bread is raised and a fight breaks out, she’s able to rescue some innocent bystanders and Tunstall who has his legs broken when he’s stopped on by the unlikely help of two men by the name Hanse and Dale who are from Port Caynn and able to get them to safety.

It’s not long after the Riot that Beka finds herself coming across Achoo the scent hound who is being mistreated by a handler. When she stands up to defend the poor dog, she finds herself being the new owner. With the help of a friend, she soon bonds with Achoo and learns ways to communicate with hand signals as well as voice commands.

After rumors and whispers from her feathered friends as well as her friend Tansy, she learns that someone is dispensing false coin throughout Corus and the Lord Provost needs two trusted people to find out what’s going on. Evidence seems to be pointing that the colemonger started from Port Caynn. As Tunstall is laid up for quite some time to heal his legs, the Provost sends Goodwin, Becca, Becca’s scent hound Achoo & Slapper to Port Caynn on a secret mission to find out who the colemonger is before false silver coins get out of hand and panic sets in as prices are raised for food. She makes friends with people while there, including coming across the two gentlemen who helped them in the riot that injured Tunstall. Being in Port Caynn certainly opens Beka’s eyes and she can’t help some of her Dog tendencies particularly when she seems crime going on. Goodwin is able to help keep Beka out of trouble for the most part though trouble seems to find her no matter what she does.  She also makes some enemies, including the Rogue Pearl who is more interested in filling her own pockets than helping her people, some of the Guards who are easily bought and some of Pearl’s entourage.
Beka finds herself drawn to Dale though does her best to resist at first and wonders if he may be in league with the colemonger. Dale is not who he seems though and Beka is fascinated by Dale the more time she spends around him.
Something sinister is going on in Port Caynn and Becca is determined to get to the bottom of things, even if that means having to go through the sewers and not even the distraction of Dale will keep her on task for very long, tempting as he is to her.
She learns some hard lessons in her determination to find the colemonger, including nearly dying a couple of times, is nearly locked away though some allies come to her rescue & she finds that it will take more than herself & Achoo to nab the colemonger.
This book was full of adventure, laughter, mystery and fun. It was wonderful to step back into the world of Corus with Beka who is smart and can hold her own in a fight. Trying to be a gal that dresses up and flirts was a new concept for her though she handled it well and is quick on her feet. I really loved the bond that Achoo and Beka formed while in Port Caynn and how she realized the strong connection to a dog that she was reluctant to take care of in the beginning. Beka is really growing into quite the young woman and I think that the older she becomes, the more comfortable she is in her own skin.
I can’t wait to find out what happens in the next book as things ended on a bit of a cliffhanger and there were some surprises that I hadn’t expected though I won’t give anything away because then that would be spoilers. I certainly wasn’t expecting the book to end where it did and just as I turned the page to see if there was another chapter, I was right at the index. In many ways, this book was more fascinating than Terrier and is full of many twists.
In other bookish news, I’ve been busy with trying to read several books at once. It’s amazing how easy it is to get caught up in different stories while trying to juggle my job and take some time out to write here. The first book that I am currently still reading is the Fellowship. Lately this book has helped me to drift off to sleep during the nights when it’s too hot or I’m feeling restless and I have to be up early for work. Whenever I pick up this book, I can unwind and let Tolkien’s amazing words take me away.
The second book I am reading is actually an audio book called Archangel’s Shadows by Nalini Singh. I was lucky to receive it from winning a contest and had planned to wait until I could read the other books in the series but I couldn’t resist. This book is number seven in the series and very fascinating so far. It’s nice to listen while on a walk especially when the weather doesn’t allow for me to read a paper book. After having a taste of the story line, I think I’ll enjoy starting from the beginning.
I just finished the third book I was reading which is called The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. It was an interesting and at times surprisingly amusing book. This is my first time reading a book by Graeme and I was quite impressed. I will be writing a review on it shortly so won’t say much about it other than how enjoyable it was.
Books Mentioned In This Post:
The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34.The_Fellowship_of_the_Ring?ac=1
So that wraps up my bookish news for the time being. I will have two more reviews up shortly now that I’ve had a moment to sit down and type them out which is the perfect thing to do on a stormy rainy night such as this. Thank you so much for tuning in and I shall update soon.

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