A Review of Celtic Moon By Jan DeLima

Good evening,

This book first caught my attention while browsing with the Celtic reference. After reading the blurb that it’s about wolves, it seemed like my kind of book. When I looked in the back of the glossary, I noticed some Celtic terms and could wait to read about wolves with Celtic ancestry.

Celtic Moon is a fascinating mix of myth, love, adventure, power and alphas living a time that the outside world has seemed to forget. Dylan and Sophie are two strong headed people who learn to let the past go and do what’s best for their child.

Dylan has been alive since at least the 10th Century and has had quite the interesting life to say the least. He was born in Wales to a powerful Guardian shape changer mother and a human father, the eldest of three who had to leave Wales for their protection. He had several of his fellow wolves follow him into the new world and settled into modern day Maine near the mountains. There he fiercely guards those under his charge, haunted by events in his past and worried about the future. For the last sixteen years, he’s sought for information on the whereabouts of his human mate Sophie and child who disappeared one day while pregnant with their only child after he revealed being a wolf. Then she contacts him out of the blue and he learns that he has a son named Jackson who could have the potential to shift. It is a rarity and no shifter has been born in three hundred years.

Sophie has been on the run from her estranged husband with their son and her Mother. She’s no longer the scared, defenseless, innocent woman who ran from Dylan’s world and planned to never return. She’s learned how to defend herself, as well as Dylan and a part of her is always ready to go on the run. In the last five years she’s been living in a cabin with her son and mother while making a living being a personal cook and housekeeper to a gentleman named Matthew who has his own secrets.

When she realizes her son may be more like his dad than she realized, she bites the bullet and contacts Dylan to get some answers. She learns that Jackson may be in danger if he isn’t among his kind and though Sophie would rather be anywhere’s else, she realizes that what’s best for her son may be going back to Dylan’s world. She tries to keep her mom from going with them but she refuses to stay behind and Matthew gives her a parting present.

Dylan’s world is still just as strange and scary at times as it was when she left but Sophie soon shows Dylan as well as those that treated her badly that she’s no longer afraid to stand her ground and not to be messed with especially when it comes to her son. She realizes that Dylan was trying to protect her and puts many in their places, gaining respect by showing that she won’t be pushed around. Sophie also realizes that she’s never stopped loving him and had been running from her feelings all these years. When she takes the plunge and gives into her passions, Sophie realizes that the place she’s avoided, may very well be where she was meant to call home.

Things are not all wjat they seem and There’s danger on the horizon and war is not far off. When Sophie is captured, it will take the strength of unlikely allies, Jackson, Dylan and his comrades to combat the evil forces trying to take down his clan.

Sophie is one of my favorite my favorite characters. She’s smart, funny, loves fiercely and quick on her feet. Sophie had the courage to get away from a situation she felt as toxic towards her and her child and didn’t look back. She learned how to handle herself, became an awesome loving Mom to Jackson as well as teaching him to be a strong easy going young man and refused to be intimidated. She showed Dylan and his clan that she’s stronger than she looks and gained a lot of respect.

Dylan is an interesting character and for sure an alpha male. He lives in an area where his word is law and tries to be just. I loved the fact that Dylan stands up for Sophie once he realizes the ill treatment she had and shows how much he loves Jackson from the moment he spots his son.

I very much enjoyed this book and am looking forward to see what next will happen with these Welsh wolves.

In other bookish news, the first book I am slowly getting further reading The Hobbit. Frodo and his friends have safely made it to Rivendell. Tolkien is very descriptive in his storytelling and I love how he talks of one of the most beautiful Elf strongholds that haven’t sailed into the West. It’s very interesting how Arwen’s beauty is compared to Luthien who is said to be the most beautiful Elf to walk Middle Earth. Frodo is finally meeting some of the Dwarves Bilbo spoke of during his trip to the Misty Mountains and everyone seems to be having a good time. I’m looking forward to finding out what next will happen.

The second book I’m reading is the audio book of Archangel’s Shadows. Ash is slowly healing from nearly being killed and has been assigned to find out what is turning some of the cats and dogs into corpses so quickly. She reluctantly allows Janvier to be of help who also happened to save her from dying and helped nurse her back to health. Ash is certain that it’s the work of supernaturals but doesn’t have enough to go on just yet to make a decision. There is also mention of Raphael and his consort Elena who are trying to rebuild after a war and make changes to buildings to offer more protection against the enemy. There is a mention of legions that apparently are interested in helping to various plants grow and I’m curious to learn more about them, more about Ash and Janvier and in general this fascinating world that Nalini has created.

The third  book I am currently reading is The House of the Four Winds. It’s a captivating tale about a woman who is one of twelve princesses and at the age of eighteen decides to set out on an adventure with the blessing of her parents. Clarice becomes Clarence and one day boards a ship for new adventures, thinking it will be a lot of fun. What Clarice doesn’t realize is that she will be in over her head and to try to find a way out of the situation that she’s in along with her fellow shipmates. I can’t wait to see what happens next and I hope that Clarice can find a way to reveal who she really is.

Books Mentioned In This Post:

Celtic Moon by Jan DeLima- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17347646-celtic-moon

Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien- http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34.The_Fellowship_of_the_Ring

Archangel’s Shadows by Nalini Singh- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17409835-archangel-s-shadows

The House of the Four Winds by Mercedes Lackey- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/16059529-the-house-of-the-four-winds

So there you have it, another bookworm rambling post has come to an end. It’s amazing how fast time seems to fly when reading a book and just how many different books there are available to enjoy. Soon I will be finished with The House of the Four Winds and I shall post about it. Thank you so much for tuning in and I hope that you’ve enjoyed my ramblings. Please stay tuned as there will be more posts soon.




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