A Review of Witchling by Yasmine Galenorn

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I recently finished Witchling, a book that I’ve been meaning to read for a while but hadn’t gotten around to it. This was my first time reading a book by Yasmine and I was quite impressed. It had my attention from the beginning and I found myself drawn into her world of Fae mixing in with this world.

It’s a story about three D’Artigo sisters who are half human and half Fae, living Earthside while undercover for OIA (Otherworld Intelligence Agency, which is the Fae version of the FBI). Due to their mix of human and Fae blood, it has made some interesting twists to their heritage. There’s Camille who owns a Seattle Bookstore and is a witch whose magic has a tendency to only work part of the time depending on the spell. Menolly is a vampire who was turned against her will and often struggles with being part of the undead while working at a bar called the Wayfaerer which caters to a variety of night life and also happens to have a portal in the basement that is guarded to keep certain creatures from trying to come Earthside. Then there’s Delilah who is part tabby cat, is the most sensitive of the three and can’t fight shifting into her feline counterpart when stressed or scared. Despite their differences, they share a large house out in the country, are quite close and can be a force to be reckoned with.

This book happens to be Camille’s story who I found to be amusing and quite the interesting character. Camille loves being the owner of a bookstore nearly as much as she enjoys trying to dress fashionably. She’s very powerful when the spells do work though a few have backfired that amazingly didn’t kill her. She was sent Earthside with her sisters to keep an eye on things happening and to report when there’s something amiss. When she learns that a fellow half Giant operative is killed who also happens to work at Wayfaerer as a bouncer and is nearly impossible to kill by human standards Camille knows something fishy is going on.

She decides to investigate through her connections of the OIA as well as her human informant Chase who also happens to be an agent and suspects there may be something sinister happening that could threaten her world as well as Earth. Her findings lead back to the evil demon Shadow Wing who is hoping to rule both worlds and will stop at nothing to accomplish that goal. She tries to get the help of OIA but they have their hands tied with a bunch of legal things and also don’t seem to feel there’s a coming threat so are essentially sitting on their hands until something major happens.

Camille also finds herself contending with two love interests which she certainly hadn’t expected. There’s Trillian who she loved back when she was in OW though had to walk away from because she feared that he would leave her first because it’s the nature of his kind. When he appears back into her life, she just can’t seem to keep her hands off of him and he tries to convince her that he’s not going to leave her. And then there’s a Japanese kitsune spirit demon who was sent to help Camille deal with Shadow Wing and they end up tearing each other’s clothes off while under a spell. I would say that the spell took away their reservations and they already were trying to resist tearing each other’s clothes off. When Trillian is severely injured during an attack, he has to be taken back to OW in order to heal and Camille worries that she might not see him again.

Camille has quite the load on her plate and knows that it won’t be an easy road in trying to stop Shadow Wing from taking over. She luckily has the help of her sisters, Father, Chase, her two love interests, and the unlikely alliance of a snarky Dragon fighting on her side.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book and there were several parts in the book where I was laughing out loud. Camille is at times a klutz which endeared me to her as I can well relate to her frustrations at times of things not going as planned. She’s funny, quirky, can kick butt and is trying her best to make the world a better place while also confused about her love interests.

I was very impressed with Yasmine’s writing and I am looking forward to reading more about these sisters as well as how they will contend with Shadow Wing. I really hope that poor Trillian will be feeling better soon and I’m really curious as to what might develop between Camille and the Kitsune. This book was full of humor, mystery, magic, the bond of sisters and adventure. I very much enjoyed this book and found it hard to put down.
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