A Review of My Tempting Highlander

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It’s been a a few months since I’ve last posted. I took a small hiatus to read more books and work on making some personal gifts for Christmas. Now I’m back and looking forward to taking up reviewing. This time I plan to not let myself become so overwhelmed with reviewing and instead take my time. I want to write reviews more with quality and less with quantity because I feel it will best represent my view on the books I’ve read.

The first book that I’m reviewing in this new year is called My Tempting Highlander by Maeve Greyson. I received this advanced reading e-book copy from NetGalley which I was very excited to find I was one of the lucky recipients. I read A Highlander in Her Past not too long ago which I enjoyed so I knew that I’d be in for a treat reading a new series by her.

This book caught my attention from the moment I read the blurb. Highlanders, mystical creatures, love, and time travel are some of my favorite books to read about. Mix them and I just can’t resist. Maeve did a wonderful job of combining these subjects and adding in humor which had me laughing out loud at times.
Mairi and Ronan come from different times… literally. Mairi was born in Scotland, raised in Kentucky and decided to live in Edinburgh as an adult. She’s used to being a modern woman with modern thinking in the 20th Century so is also used to modern conveniences though she knows she is a time traveler and most of her family has chosen to live in 13th Century Scotland. Her Granny has been trying to get her to travel back to the 13th Century to live though she’s stubbornly refused so far.
Ronan was born in the 10th Century as a wolf though eventually learned how to shift into a man. He’s over 300 years old and his thinking is that of a 13th Century Highlander. His mother, mentor and him were cursed by his Father’s wife and the only way to break it is for Ronan to find his soulmate, fall in love and get married. Did I mention his mother is a wolf and his mentor is a dragon? Sounds like a complicated situation with a fairly easy solution, right? Well this is where Mairi comes in and it’s not quite so easy to fix particularly when Ronan bumbles things up from the beginning. If he would have been honest from the beginning, it could have saved a lot of confusion, frustration and complications. Ronan was trying to not scare Mairi away which is understandable considering how much he’s been hurt in the past but Mairi is a lot more open minded than Ronan realizes.
Against all odds, these two do fall in love though Ronan omitting details lands him in hot water with Mairi. It will take some traumatic events to happen for Ronan to finally come clean about things and for the both of them to really open their hearts in order to break the curse.

This book was a pleasure to read and I can’t wait to read about the next book in this series! This is the first book that I’ve read in the series which is great for me because now I can go back and read the first two, then reread this one while waiting for the next book to be released. If you’re as big of a Paranormal Romance fan as I am, you’ll for sure want to check out this book!

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My Tempting Highlander by Maeve Greyson

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Well that concludes my bookworm news for the time being. Thank you so much for tuning into my ramblings and I hope that you will visit again soon. Time really does fly when curled up with a good book or several! Stay tuned for more bookish ramblings soon.