A Review of The Honey Mummy

From the moment I heard the title, I was intrigued about this series. This book is the third installment of the Folley and Mallory Adventures though the first book I’ve read and an added bonus of being an advanced reading copy.

I enjoyed this book immensely despite not reading the series from the beginning and getting to know the different characters. I like how it started with a letter leaving me wondering the story behind such cryptic words and then jumps to Folley and Mallory who are part of an organization known as Mistral. This organization is tasked with studying and saving artifacts from all over the world though namely Egypt.

Eleanor Folley is an Archaeologist who works for Mistral currently in Paris, cleaning as well cataloging artifacts, has ties with Egypt, part Jackal and did I mention she’s the daughter of Anubis? She is quite the powerful lady to say the least.

Virgil Mallory also works for Mistral as an agent whose partner is Agent Michael Auberon, is part wolf and engaged to Eleanor.

Agent Auberon was sent to Egypt a few years ago to keep an eye on Cleo’s work in Egypt and developed a close friendship that appeared to be slowly moving towards a relationship until there was an accident and it left Cleo permanently scarred. When Auberon is sent back to Paris, he keeps up a correspondence with Cleo though letters start to dwindle as Cleo pulls away and eventually puts a stop to the letters. He can’t forget Cleo though and the wonderful times they had together.

Cleopatra Barclay is an archaeologist who specializes in the Cleopatra era who is her namesake, works for Mistral, close friends with Eleanor and finds herself conflicted with her feelings concerning Auberon after an accident that should have killed her and yet she was able to be saved after her arms were severed at the elbows and she was outfitted with mechanical arms. Struggling to adapt to life after her accident and continue her work, she makes the painful decision to pull away from Auberon though she will soon learn that what’s meant to be will find a way.

After a fire starts in one of archives of Mistral, Eleanor finds a mysterious ring which will lead her, Mallory and Auberon to Alexandria, Egypt where she will reconnect with her friend Cleo, learn of a prophesy and secrets will be revealed.

When Mallory and Auberon are captured one night by an eccentric man who rubs Eleanor the wrong way, Cleo is sent to find Eleanor and bring back certain items that are in her possession. These two ladies will soon learn more about Cleopatra’s time, the connection of the Ring and how honey is involved.

On this journey of discovery, Eleanor will realize the important of trust, friendship, love and believing in yourself.

I really enjoyed seeing the connection Eleanor and Mallory have and how they balance each other out. Mallory is a gentleman, loves Eleanor, and is fiercely protective of Eleanor but also knows he can’t keep Eleanor from doing what she loves and has to trust that she can handle herself. I can’t wait to see these two married and how they may do as parents should they have any.

I’m also hoping to see more of Auberon and Cleo as a couple especially after reading their letters to each other and the glimpses I’ve read about their times around each other. They have a lot to work on but in time I have a feeling things will work out.

This story was a big page turner full of adventure, mystery, fascinating aspects of Steampunk, the power of love and the importance of not letting fear win.

I can’t wait to go back to read the first two books which I have now added to my Kindle library, reread this latest installment and hopefully read the next book when it’s released!

This book will be released March 1st and is currently up for pre-order at Kindle.

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The Honey Mummy by E. Catherine Tobler

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This concludes my bookish ramblings. I love being pleasantly surprised about new authors and now I can add Tobler to my list of authors whose books I will impatiently wait to be released. I look forward to seeing what next she has up her sleeve and in the meantime will attempt to tackle my never-ending list of books to be read. Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you’ll enjoy this book too. Until we meet again, I hope you too will have many wonderful books to enjoy.