A Review of Feverborn

I’ve been waiting to read this book since learning when it would be published, reading tidbits on her website and it was well worth it! Karen has a way of describing Dublin in a way that I could almost believe I was there seeing things through the characters’ eyes.

This book can be read as is but I recommend starting from the beginning to full understand what’s going on and there’s a lot of build up throughout the series, it’s a good sized series with eight books so far but well worth reading through all of them and getting to know the characters.

Karen’s books have drawn me in since reading her Highlander books and now her Fever series. There’s always surprises I couldn’t see coming that have me wanting to read her books cover to cover without stopping and that now includes this book which was quite the page turner.

In this latest installment, Jada forms an alliance with Ryodan, Mac, Barrons, and her fellow sidhe-seers to try to put a stop to the cosmic holes that are slowly eating up Dublin and combat some of the rogue fae to save the city and world from being destroyed.
Things don’t go quite as planned, loyalties are tested and some secrets will be revealed that could either really mess things up or be the solution to the problems being faced.
I really enjoyed this book especially getting some insight into Jada, Mac realizing the importance of good magic as well as trying to make amends and getting a glimpse into Ryodan’s motives which aren’t all selfish.

I got a glimpse into a different side of Dancer who has been more accepting of Jada than the others. He really is a smart  and intuitive guy who cares for Jada as she is but also tries not to crowd her. He could very well be her match if she’d let him but perhaps their relationship will continue with the special connection they’ve developed from the time she was in her mid-teens.

Jada/Dani and Mac are bad ass powerful sidhe-seers who are starting to realize the importance of being aware of their weaknesses as well as strengths and not holding on to grudges from the past. They are both very stubborn too but also love each other like sisters though both have a hard time admitting it. Mac realizes that she needs to come to terms with who Dani is now and realizing that she went through a lot while lost in the Silvers for five years in Fae time though only about two weeks in Earth time.

Mac and Barrons have several steamy love scenes and one in particular that had me laughing a bit in the beginning. It’s amazing how far these two have come since the beginning of the series and how in tune they’ve become.

I enjoyed reading more about the Keltars despite the heartbreak they were going through and seeing Christian transform into a Fae whose humanity comes back and learns how to attempt control with his Fae side.

I’m really curious as to what us slowly developing between Jada and Ryodan and I really hope she’s able to figure out who she wants to be with though it may be a while. I loved the banter between them and how Jada was able to hold her own
This book ended on quite the cliffhanger and I’m eager to read the next book in the series though January seems really far off at the moment.

Full of adventure, humor, the power of love, friendship, unexpected twists and the importance of trust, it’s a book I highly recommend. I’m very curious what Karen will have next up her sleeve and hope she might be able to give tidbits of the next novel soon!

Book Mentioned in This Review:

Feverborn by Karen Marie Moning

Books Currently Reading:

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

The Clockwork Dagger by Beth Cato

So this concludes another post of my bookish ramblings. I could continue to go on about this book but I won’t want to spoil things. I practically devoured this book and lost sleep because it was so hard to put down and the lack of sleep was well worth it. Thank you so much for tuning in and I hope you’ve enjoyed my post. I have plenty of books to tackle on my to be read pile which currently consists mostly of library books. It’s amazing how quickly they can add up! Please feel free to tune in again soon as I hope to post in the near future.




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