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I’m so excited to be posting about this book as it’s finally  release day and I can share my excitement. I received this ARC earlier this month and I couldn’t wait to read it because though I hadn’t read the series, I love reading anything to do with the Celts which this book was full of.

The time era takes place mostly in the 21st Century  though it does travel back to the Medieval Ireland around the 1460’s. This particular story is about Emma Perkins and Aidan MacWilliam who have both had their fair share of hard times and fate brings them together in the form of Colin O’Rourke who is Aidan’s cousin and the owner of Celtic Connections, a business that has a variety of interests including wanting to bring Emma into the fold.

Emma leads a busy life being a PR expert for Price Publicity, has a secret love of Medieval Irish artifacts, who just wants to move on from the terrible things her ex-fiancé Ben MacDermott who seemed like a nice down to Earth guy until she caught him cheating about seven months ago, threw him out and soon he was threatening ruining her if she didn’t give him money to pay off some people he owned. Eventually Ben ended up in jail and she worries that day that he gets out, he’ll come after her. So to try to put her past behind her, she’s thrown herself into her work and is surprised when she’s approached by Aidan to help with a special PR project. From the moment she meets him, she feels a connection especially when she finds out he wants her help with buying Medieval Irish artifacts at a special auction that only certain people are allowed to attend. Just as things are slowly starting to fall into place, a scandal ensues involving her ex and she’s without a job, or so she thinks until Aidan convinces her to come work for him and things get complicated from there.

Aidan is a smart, sexy, confident Irish man who loves his family and is a man out of time, literally. Aidan was born in the 1400’s and through a twist of fate found himself in the 21st Century. Hoping to go back home some day, he whiles away the time helping out his cousin with Celtic Connections, spends most of his free time at his cottage in Ireland when he’s not in the Boston area and is slowly adjusting to being in the modern times. When he meets Emma, he feels an instant connection and finds himself extending a job offer and his protection when Emma finds herself in trouble. While Aidan has become mostly accustomed to living in the modern world, his views on things are certainly from his upbringing and he insists on whisking Emma away from danger and off  to his cottage in Ireland. Then things get really complicated when Ben follows them and Aidan finds out that he can indeed go back home to his family in the 1400’s.

Much to Emma’s disbelief, Aidan and a couple of his cousins whisk her off to the 1400’s and though it takes a while, when she realizes that it’s not a dream, she’s delighted at seeing a time in history that she’s only read of in books and instantly loves where Aidan came from. This time period is not without its dangers though and Emma finds herself falling for Aidan, loving his family and trying to adjust to life in 1465 Ireland which is has its own set of complicated rules and customs. Emma can’t help being drawn to Aidan who is a confusing mix of attentive at times and aloof at others.

When danger finds this unlikely pair, it will take the help of family, time travel and the power of love to keep Aidan and Emma from being separated permanently. I won’t give away the details on that particular information and it is well worth reading to find out for yourself.

I really loved both of these characters despite their stubbornness and things would have gone smoother had they tried to communicated more. Granted, the fact that both are from different centuries has a lot to do with it and they’re in the process of getting to know each other and thrown into a lot of complicated situations in a short amount of time.

Emma is stronger than she realizes, has a heart of gold and isn’t afraid to speak her mind when Aidan tries to be particularly bossy. I love how she immersed herself fully into his time, how she developed such a connection with his family and has such a big heart. I’m so glad that she kicked Ben out on his rear. Her old boss really didn’t appreciate what a treasure he had as an employee though thankfully Aidan realized what a gem she was in more ways than one.

Aidan may have his bossy stubborn ways but he’s also a man with a big heart, loves his family fiercely and takes care of Emma which is very endearing. He really knows how to wield a sword and really is quite the romantic beneath the gruff exterior that he often shows to the world. I can see why Emma found herself drawn to him.

This book was a fascinating mix of adventure, love, time travel, humor and Celtic history. I loved how descriptive Medieval Ireland was in this book and I could almost imagine being there myself, dressed in one of the beautiful ensembles of that era.This book is second in the Mists of Time series though it’s my first glimpse into this series. I’m looking forward to starting from the beginning and then revisiting Aidan and Emma. There’s no such thing as too many books about Ireland, particularly the medieval variety and I really hope Nancy has many books up her sleeve about this subject. I also hope that Colin and Reilly get their own special ladies to love!

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Well this concludes my bookish ramblings for today. I’ve been very busy reading up a storm in between packing for my big move. Thank you so much for tuning in and I hope you’ll enjoy this book as much as I did. It has just been released today so feel free to go snag a copy yourself! I will be back soon with another review and hopefully you’ve enjoyed this post.