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Good evening,

I’ve been looking forward to reviewing this book since the moment I was one of the lucky people to get approved for an ARC. Books that involve magic, a female heroine, and different cultures are a few of the things that tend to catch my attention because they are always such a fascinating mix which holds very true in this book.

Several months ago I came across a book cover in a library that had a dragon on it but couldn’t remember the name of the author nor of the book when I came back another day to pick it up and that bugged me for quite some time. Finally out of the blue, I happened to come across that same cover in an article talking about books that involved dragons and found out that it was called Hunter by Mercedes Lackey. Then shortly afterwards, I found out about an ARC of Elite which is the second book in the series and nearly squealed with joy when I was given approval and sent an e-book version. While I haven’t been able to read Hunter yet, I plan to in the future because there’s a lot of questions that I have and I’m really curious about the area that Joy came from.

So getting back to the book review, I had a lot of fun reading Elite and getting to know a variety of different people as well as creatures.Joy is a young talented woman who has spent most of her life being taught how to wield her magic and being prepared to help defend her home. She is the main gal who is part of a group known as the Elite Hunters that fight against what were once considered mythical creatures (such as Ogres, Drakken, Thunderbirds, Folk Mages and Minotaurs to name some), using magical powers and military training. These creatures seemed to come out of no where and once most of them were sent back to the Other Side, that time period became known as the Diseray and they came out of an area known as the Barrier. Once people started to develop magical powers, they were taught how best to put them to use, many bonded with mysterious creatures known as Hounds, and combat skills were taught. Some chose to form groups to protect areas and eventually were called Hunters because they hunted down creatures causing havoc and what few weren’t killed, were sent back to the other side of the Barrier. The Hounds are intelligent shape shifters from the Other World (where the mythical creatures come from), who after bonding with a human can talk to them telepathically, usually are in packs and are a very welcome companion that choose to fight at the side of humans.

There were a lot of things going on in this book that made it hard to put down and a lot of twists that I didn’t see coming. Joy may have been raised all her life how to deal with these strange creatures but even she becomes stumped over some of the entities that start showing up. She had her down moments and had a lot to deal with, particularly when the hunts went sour or people that she watched over were injured or killed. Just when I wondered if she’d be able to save the day after a particularly unexpected and nasty fight, Joy surprised me with her smarts and figuring out how to deal with the curve balls sent her way.

I really liked the mixture of fantasy with some military protocol, futuristic with the past and the I wouldn’t mind having a Hound or two of my own. Mercedes is such a talented writer and I can see why she’s so popular. Hopefully there will be another two or three books in this series because I really want to see how Joy will mature over the course of time if she’ll get a happily ever after. Looking forward to diving into the first book of this series and reading other books by Mercedes until she comes out with another book in this series. If you like books about magic, adventure, shape shifting creatures, unique mythical creatures and a very smart main character, I highly recommend picking up this book.

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Elite by Mercedes Lackey

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The Return of Sir Percival: Guinevere’s Prayer by S. Alexander O’Keefe

I hope you have enjoyed my bookish ramblings and I really enjoyed talking about this particular book. It’s a lot easier to write a review when you’ve really enjoyed the reading material and when it’s fairly easy to follow along with the story. I have quite the good sized stack of books waiting for me to dive into and I hope to do a review on all of them. As I told someone recently; you know you’re a bookworm when you have to start making a list in order of books that are soon to be published to remember which ones to read first. I’m very lucky to have that option and I can’t wait to see what other books I can possibly at to my too be read pile. Please feel free to stay tuned and I will be back soon to voice my opinions and to hopefully be entertaining.




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