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Good evening,

I’ve been so busy trying to play catch up on my reading, working and sleeping that there hasn’t been a lot of time for reviewing. Now that things have settled down for a bit, I can talk about one of the books I recently read which is Forever Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon. I first heard about this series back in the Spring when scrolling through Instagram. The cover had my attention and then when I found out it was about the mythical Brigadoon, I knew it would be worth reading. What I hadn’t expected was how much I would enjoy this series and the mixed feelings I have about this book possibly being the last in this amazing series.

It’s really hard for me to believe this is the final book in this series to be honest. I really hope that Carey & Lorie will still write about the Doon world as I’m really not ready to say good bye to all the characters in the books. I’ve come to enjoy the variety of different characters especially Veronica, Makenna, Duncan, Jamie and all the kind people of Doon. I won’t miss the witch Addie though as she was something else and eventually karma comes around to show her what being evil can result in.

This latest installment was full of adventure, mystery, the power of love, faith, magic, Kenna’s snarky humor, and lots of surprises. There were many things that left me stunned and I was really relieved that the cliffhanger from book three didn’t turn out to be as dark as I’d feared. That’s the thing about cliffhangers, they leave you wondering what’s going to happen next and hoping that it’s going to be okay. Well that’s how it is for me anyways.
Veronica, MacKenna and their guys face a lot of obstacles including dealing with their own stubbornness and fears but soon realize that they have a choice how to react to their situations. There’s a lot for these people to face especially with two still fairly new to Doon though they come to realize that there is a chance to save Doon and that sometimes help comes when it is least expected. The girls may not know much about being in a war but they are smart and find ways to prove they are more than capable of dealing with Addie and her minions as well as showing their men that they won’t be left at home while the men go off to war.

I laughed at Kenna’s ability to be funny even when things seemed pretty dark for a while. I felt for her trying to deal with Duncan’s moodiness, learning how to be a warrior and she’s an awesome best friend to Veronica. Kenna has just as big of a heart as Veronica and really is someone you’d rather not have as your enemy.

I’d also like to give mention to Fergus, Fiona and several others who are all special and powerful in their own ways. Personally I’d love to have a best friend like Kenna who is equal parts funny and smart though she doesn’t see herself that way at times. Doonians and Destined face nearly impossible odds in the fight against Addie but they’re so strong together and are able to show what the power of good with believing can do.

I had troubles putting this book down and there’s so many feelings towards this last book. It was such a pleasure to read this series and I highly recommend it though prepare to want more when finished. Farewell Doon, hopefully just for a little while!

So that concludes my bookish ramblings about Doon though I will keep hoping that more will be written about this fascinating world and then I can review more! I love it when books grab my attention then find out there’s more books in the series and then keep my eye out for more. While I wait, there’s plenty of books to keep me occupied and I’ll keep adding to my neverending pile of books to be read because that’s part of the fun. If you’d like to see more about my love of reading, tea, picture taking, randomness and letting my inner bookworm loose from time to time, please feel free to follow me on Facebook or Instagram . Feel free to drop by and say hello as I’m always up for talking about books!



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