A Review of Shades of Milk and Honey

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I know I just recently posted about Shades of Doon but I couldn’t resist talking about this book considering I just finished it less than an hour ago and will be fresh in my mind. This is a personal record for me but sometimes books take me by the hand and demand I talk about them, including this one.


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I first heard about this series while browsing titles at my local library and the cover caught my attention. After reading the blurb, I wanted to take it home with me that day until I realized it was actually the second book in a series. After requesting this book, it didn’t take too long to receive and I was so excited to dive in especially when I read that it reminded some people of Jane Austen’s Work. This book did remind me of Jane Austen’s style in the sense of headstrong young girls, a woman who is trying to do what’s proper and a gruff male character who turns out to be different than expected.
In many other ways though, the story is different and at times more complex. What I mean by complex is that there’s magic and the main character finds herself in some rather awkward situations. Jane Ellsworth is a woman who is considered past her prime and supposedly plain compared to her spoiled younger sister Melody. In a time when beauty and poise seemed more appealing than smarts, it’s no wonder Jane felt as she did and my heart went out to her. She hasn’t made close friends over the years and much of her time is spent trying to soothe her mother or sister who seem easily excited.
She’s spent most of her life staying in the background that it’s certainly caused a catch 22 of trying to be proper but also feeling frustrated and self conscious. Jane is very talented though it’s often been stifled due to mixed feelings regarding her sister and the demands of being on the cusp of spinsterhood. She’s worked hard over the years to become talented at weaving magic and it takes the prompting of the mysterious Mr. Vincent for her to see that it’s okay to let one’s emotions bring about creativity. Jane also finds an uncommon friendship with Beth Dunkirk whose brother happens to be someone that Jane has developed feelings for though is too shy to speak up  especially when she isn’t sure if the feelings are mutual and the mixed signals she’s getting from her sister who seems to also like him. Both Jane and Vincent are two of my favorite characters who give so much of themselves.

I was really glad when Jane finally realized it was more than okay to be herself, to be more creative with her magic and showed people that she wasn’t a plain mouse that some seemed to assume she was. I was also glad that she followed her heart and didn’t choose to be with someone just because it was convenient nor was she afraid to protect those she cares for. While looks are nice to have, Jane shows that there’s more to look for in a partner than appearances.

Mrs. Ellsworth seemed to have too much time on her hands and not enough to do. She spent a lot of time complaining about her nerves and certainly looked for a lot of attention. I’m not a big fan of her character especially with her treatment regarding Jane though I will give her credit for causing distractions when needed.
This book had quite the interesting mix of Regency, magic, intrigue, and what can sometimes happen when attempting the proper thing can go wonky. Though luckily in this case, things don’t go too wrong. I personally think Jane should have smacked a certain Captain harder for all the trouble and embarrassment that a few people have to go through.I’m so glad that Jane shows there’s more than meets the eye and how love can find you when you least expect it.I’m looking forward to read more in this series!

Thank you so much for tuning in to my bookish ramblings and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I’m so glad there’s several books in this series and I can’t wait to see what next adventure is for Jane. While I have many other books to read before I can start the second book, I know it will be worth the wait and maybe by that time, the author might have come out with other books for me to enjoy! If you’d like to say hello please feel free to find me on Facebook or Instagram where I post my love of books, food, book themed items and nature. I will be back soon with more reviews!



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