A Review of The Dare and The Doctor

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I’ve been very busy working and attempting to catch up on some reading as my to be read pile seems to grow daily in leaps and bounds. One of my jobs happens to be at a bookstore where I am very lucky to not only get a look at what goes on behind the scenes but also discounts, the occasional paper advanced reading copy (I have four so far and just started in October) and it pretty much pays for my reading habit.

Before I go into my review of this book which was great by the way, I wanted to take a moment to touch on a few things. I first of all want to thank everyone who read and/or participated in my last post whether here or on Facebook. It means a lot to me having that support and I hope that my posts can bring a smile to your face as well as add to your to be read list. My posting tends to be sporadic here as many have noticed but I really am passionate about spreading my love of reading, acquiring books (whether they are digital or print), talking to others about books and reading to my heart’s content (though being a bookworm, is there really such a thing?). Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart. Last but not least, I have picked a winner from my giveaway and will be posting it on my Facebook shortly so keep an eye out. Now, on to my review!


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I was so excited to get my hands on this book and was very happy to get an advanced reading copy. My inner bookworm was very happy and this book was so good that I finished it in less than two days, managing to sneak in extra time whenever possible.

Margaret Babcock has convinced herself that she’s content being in the country among her plants that her mother loved before she passed, her family and enjoying a fairly quiet life while keeping up a correspondence with Dr. Rhys Gray who she met the year previously and has kept up a steady conversation not only about her plants but about his profession and their daily lives. She’s shocked when he suggests that she come to London where he has spoken with men from the London Horticultural Society about her special roses that could be a new breakthrough for the science of plants. She’s hesitant at first but after the urging of a close friend and remembering what her Mother would say to be brave “What’s the worst that could happen?” sets her on a course of adventure that’s full of surprises, unexpected friendships, the prospect of love and the power of believing in the impossible.

I loved that this book started out in letter form and allowed me to get to know the characters a bit based on their thoughts and their playful banter. Neither of them want to admit at first that there could be a connection of more than friendship which is understandable. They both have obligations and are nervous at possibly messing up what has become a great friendship. Sometimes though, the best relationships can come from the best of friends and these two are quite the match not only in whit but thoughts and dedication to their professions.

Margaret’s love for horticulture is very inspiring and actually gave me some ideas on how to nurse my poor house plant back to health. Horticultural is an area that has often fascinated me and I could relate to Margaret often feeling awkward when people would notice her and jokingly making fun of herself. Being a tall girl myself, I know what it’s like for people to make comments and to often blurt out thoughts that make for an interesting reaction. I was laughing out loud when Margaret couldn’t resist telling one of the hostess’s that she was practically drowning one of her poor plants and then realizing she essentially stuck her foot in her mouth. She is someone that I would love to have as a friend and could learn a lot about plants from.

Rhys is a man who has his own sense of humor, honor and commitment to his profession as well as family. Due to an incident that happened years ago, he finds himself between a rock and a hard place because his Mother has burdened him with trying to restore the family’s honor. He finds himself drawn to Margaret while writing to her and even more so after they meet in person. Rhys loves how her mind works, the way she embraces most of the things he’s passionate about and her sense of humor. They are more alike than they realize and both at first pretend there’s not more than friendship though their friends can see something deeper developing.

I was really rooting for their friendship to turn into so much more though I know each had their own obstacles to overcome and admitting feelings was something that both struggled with. Attempting to go from friends into something more can be a scary step but when it’s the right couple, it can become a beautiful partnership.

There is someone, however in the book who doesn’t want them to be together and has some rather devious ways of trying to prevent more than friendship happening. I had a hunch throughout the book who it was and still was shocked at the lengths this person went to. Thankfully though, this person is found out and love triumphs.

I always love a story where two unlikely people turn out to be great for each other and when there is a happy ending. It must be the romantic in me and why romance is one of my favorite genres to date!

This book was such a pleasure to read and in fact inspired me to buy the first book in the series so that I could start from the beginning. Kate is such a talented writer and she wrote this series in a way that I was still able to understand the story line despite not starting from the beginning. I do recommend starting with book one though because it gives the series a richer background and understanding. I really hope that Kate plans to write more in this series and if not, I’d still love to see what next she has up her sleeve with writing.

Thank you so much for tuning in and I hope you’ve enjoyed my bookish ramblings. I have finished other books since this one and plan to have reviews up shortly. As I stated above, I’ll be announcing the lucky winner of all three books shortly on my Facebook page where you can find out what I’m reading and what I post about random bookworm things. I will be back soon with more reviews and sporadic bookworm humor.