Release Day of The Highland Duke


I’ve been waiting impatiently for this day so I can share my love of this book. It was so hard to put down and today you can go buy a copy of your own!

My review:

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review and I’m so glad that I was able to read it!

This book tells the tale about the Duke of Gordon who is a Jacobite in secret and shot in the thigh with a musket ball embedded while out with one of his cousins, trying to push some of the English Dragoons back. In the mix up of the fight, he’s thrown from his horse and manages to hide until a healer by the name of Akira Ayres happens upon him. Little does she know that by reluctantly pulling the bullet out of the mysterious Highlander who calls himself Geordie, it will forever change her world.

They find themselves on the run shortly after she bandages his wound though he passes out from blood loss on a horse and Akira manages to find them shelter near a cave for the night and that starts just the beginning of an interesting alliance and two people from different worlds soon realize that sometimes you can find love in the most unlikely places.

Despite the fact that Gordon started out as being a grumpy man with quite the colorful vocabulary who grew up privileged but also aware of those less fortunate, I loved the fact that he didn’t care that Akira had Gypsy blood and soon became fiercely protective of her. He did bumble his way through things at times but eventually soon realizes what is really important or rather who is and that sometimes the impossible is possible if you just have faith and a bit of Gypsy magic.

Akira grew up poor with a Mother and three sisters, all of whom only have a home due to the kindness of a widow, living in a windowless cottage and just barely scraping by. Akira learned from a young age how to heal and the payments she receives goes a long way in helping her family. Due to their Gypsy heritage, many of the villagers have been distrustful of her family and her Mother was attacked years ago which left her with scars and a permanent limp. Despite the hard times, Akira has developed a kindness for those in need and tries to heal people who need her help.

At first, it seems as though these two are completely wrong for each other, but as the story progresses, love proves that it doesn’t care about status in life, money or heritage but wants to bring two people together who really balance each other out. Akira isn’t afraid to speak her mind to Geordie and he finds himself intrigued by the spirited healer. They go on quite the interesting adventures on the way to Geordie’s home, find allies in unlikely places, and realize that sometimes fate knows the way of hearts before two stubborn people do.

It was such a pleasure to read this book and was hard to pull myself way from. Full of a fascinating mixture of adventure, humor, close calls, the power of love, steamy scenes, friendship, family and just a dose of magic, I highly recommend this book. There are also hints of sexy Scottish men in kilts which is always a plus in my book and the loyalty of clans more than willing to protect their allies.

This book was my first taste of Amy’s writing and I look forward to reading not only the next book in the series when it’s released but as well as other works by her. She has been put on my list of authors to buy without reading the synopsis on the back!

Amy Jarecki CREDIT Bruce Heinsius PhotographyJarecki_TheHighlandDuke_MMThe-Highland-Duke-Quote-Graphic-1The-Highland-Duke-Quote-Graphic-2Lord of the HighlandsFOR_jarecki_highlandduke_blitz

As you can see, I’m really enthusiastic about this book and impatiently waiting for a chance to get my hands on the second book. There’s just something about highlanders, kilts and Scotland that’s hard to resist!

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed my bookish ramblings and stay tuned as I’ll be posting again with quite the long list of reviews I’ve had on recent books. Remember to always have a book with you just in case you might have an urge to read!




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