A Review of Deadmen Walking

Good evening fellow bookworms,

It has been a great day to stay inside and read a book in a cool house while the temperatures rise outside during the day. Recently I was lucky enough to read a recent new series by Sherrilyn Kenyon and having finished it this afternoon, couldn’t wait to gush over it.

I’ve enjoyed reading Sherrilyn’s books for a little over ten years now and she’s always full of surprises. My first taste of her awesome writing was first reading about Arik and Geary’s story in Dream Hunter which I happened to spot at an on base library while living near Camp Lejeune in North Carolina with a friend. It was the cover that initially got my attention and then once diving into the book. I became hooked and unable to resist of a book of hers since.



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When I heard that she was creating a new series, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the book especially when learning there would be pirates, mythical creatures and the real reason behind Mara’s and Devyl’s rocky relationship. All of this information and so much more was contained in the book that by the time I reached about one hundred sixty pages this afternoon, I couldn’t pull myself away until reaching the end. It really was that good and Sherrilyn really knows how to toss in the surprises.

This is the story about Devyl Bane who was once known as Don-Dueli the fierce Dumnonii warlord who has been brought back from the dead along with  by a man known as Thorn to combat evil that is brewing in the early 1700’s when pirates were hugely popular on the seas and America was still fairly new though most of the story takes place near the Caribbean . He has become the Captain of a ship to Bart Meers, William Death, Armand De la Roche aka Roach, Absalon aka Sallie, Zumari, Kalder Dupree, Sancha, Rosenkranz aka Rosie, Valynda and Belle who all died terrible deaths and given the chance at a mortal life if they can redeem themselves by working to send terrible creatures back to the places they belong. Cameron finds herself on the ship with all of these interesting people though she’s the only one that’s still living and just wants to find her brother Paden who is currently missing but there’s so much more that just a simple case of being lost at sea. Then there’s Marcelina aka Mara who is a Deruvian which means that she can take on the form of a living tree or human at will and whose people were nearly wiped out after Du hunted them near the extinction. She is the actual ship they are on that guards them and is also binded to Devyl from a spell back when they both were still living, also she is the older sister to Vine who was married to Du and also was the reason Du died. So to say there’s some animosity between the two is putting it mildly. Despite the many differences and backgrounds, they are in a sense a dysfunctional family who care about each other and are fiercely loyal.

Cameron finds herself among a crazy bunch of people who have their own secrets but soon learns to get along with them all and the real reason behind her brother’s disappearance. She will soon see that some creatures really aren’t made up and that sometimes the best people to depend on don’t always have to be related by blood. All of the crew are there to hopefully redeem themselves but most don’t realize just how hard of a job that will be or that they will be up against some seriously powerful creatures. When the chips were down and things seemed to be going from terrible to no hope of coming back, allies in unexpected places and people with more powers than they let on show up to literally and figuratively blow things out of the water.

I have often said that there’s no such thing as too many stories about the Norse that combines the modern with the mythical. There are lots of stories told about the history of the Gods and some modern stories that have involved time traveling such as with Sandra Hill’s Viking Series and then there’s Rick Riordan’s Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series as well as Marvel’s Thor which showed beautiful Asgard and so many countless others but those three are what stick out most in my mind. Now I can add Sherrilyn’s Deadmen Walking to that list and information about people who really did exist hundreds of years ago such as the Dumnonni who once lived in the modern day Cornwall/Devon area of England and were thought to have descended from Norse Gods at some point.

I love how Sherrilyn gives some background into how most of the people on the ship came to be there and how they took responsibility for their actions. It was sad though at the demise particularly of Kalder, William and Belle who all were given the crap end so to speak of fate as a human. It was also really interesting to learn about Du whose lineage is much more powerful than it seems, who does have some back character flaws but also has a very redeemable side too. He did not have an easy life growing up though was fiercely protective of his little sister and eventually his older sister and never preyed on women or children including sparing Mara’s life even while in the middle of battle. Something terrible happened to his little sister that caused him to go on the rampage and though I don’t agree with all of the chaos that he caused, I can see why he became so angry. He’s for sure the kind of guy that I would want to be on his good side and he will fiercely protect anyone that he cares for. It was also interesting to learn about Mara’s background and her reasons for hating Du for hundreds of years. Also it was a terribly dirty thing that Vine did to her husband and eventually Fate caught up to that treacherous witch.


Towards the end of the book Kalder’s decision was very surprising though I don’t want to say what it is because of spoilers but let’s just say that I was surprised at the friendship that he developed with Cameron but also very glad and I hope there’s good things in store for the future with them. I think once Cameron grows up, they could potentially be a really cute couple some day.

Sallie was also surprising who claims to carry his soul around in a bottle of rum and is teased about it quite a bit by his fellow ship mates who believe the man is just crazy until Devyl demands they leave him be. I loved how he surprised everyone towards the end of the book apart from Devyl and found myself laughing at the reactions of his fellow ship mates.

So overall, I loved this book and was sad to see it end. I’m so glad that there will be more in this series and I can’t wait to read the next book whenever it is published. Good thing Sherrilyn has plenty  of other books for me to enjoy in the meantime and gives me a chance to catch up on some of the Dark Hunter stories that I’ve missed lately. Speaking of Dark Hunters, there was also some mention of the them which I was really excited about and in fact one of the crew members is a Dark Huntress that Thorn was able to borrow from Acheron. There’s mention of other people from that world though I won’t give more information away because it’s much more fun to read about it. If you enjoy mystery, humor, adventure, mythology, a bit of steaminess and surprises, you’ll really enjoy this book.

Thank you so much for tuning into my bookish ramblings and I hope it’s been enjoyable to read. I would love to keep going on about this book but alas I have to get up early for work tomorrow and there are many other books on my list to read and rave about. Just remember to always have a good book with you in case there’s a chance to get lost in another world and those times when you just need a mini vacation from the world or just have the sudden urge to want to read. Please tune in soon for more of my ramblings.




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