Booktubeathon 2017

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Day 5 of #booktubeathon2017 and I’ve just completed two books so far. I feel that I’m really lagging because my plan was to read a book a day but I’m reading more than I’ve been lately and I’m halfway through my Day 3 book which is Alice In Wonderland which I’m loving! I finished The Selection today and wow… I should have binged read that series when all three were released! I now have all three because I bought the third one today! Eventually I’ll buy the next generation so to speak too. It kind of reminds me of The Bachelor with the Maxon trying to choose who will be his bride but so much better because the lucky Lady gets to become royalty! I’ll do a review soon about my thoughts.
So anyways, I’ve read a bit of all the books I’ve mentioned in my daily posts and I am planning to read a bit of my day 7 book called Rising Fire by Terri Brisbin because it’s a random one and I have all the books in that series soooo I can binge read that one too.

That cover still hits me right in the feels. Actually each of the covers in the trilogy are amazing and I’ll show you the rest also soon.

My Current pages count: 738

Books I’m currently reading:


Also, food I was snacking on while taking this picture!

Not a bad amount of pages considering I’ve been working every day of Booktubeathon a little over eight hours a day except for Wed. Tomorrow afternoon and all day Sunday I’ll have off so let the reading marathon start soonish! Realistically I probably won’t read all 7 books this week but I’m trying my best and reading so win! I haven’t been doing any of the video challenges but I have done most of the Instagram Challenges.
Best of luck to everyone and even if you don’t feel like participating, I hope you’re able to read more than usual if you so want to!

Now I’m off to hopefully finish Alice and bed so I can somewhat drag myself out of and off to work.


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A Double Review: Egyptian Mythology and Scottish Dukes!

Good afternoon,

I recently finished two books and decided to combine them because sometimes I just enjoy writing about two different books in one post! Both of these books I was very fortunate to receive the physical ARCs of and I’d love to read the next books in the series when they are announced! Also both of these books were just released yesterday!

So without further ado, my reviews:

The Intuitives



Barnes and Noble

I generously received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
This book was so addicting that I finished it in less than two days. I couldn’t wait to find out what the Homeland Security wanted with a group of six kids and then later to learn of their special abilities.

It started out with an Egyptian man named Amr with archaologists at the Tomb of Alexander the Great and something is let loose but it’s not revealed until later.
I loved learning about different mythological creatures, how an unlikely group of kids learned how to work together and finally learning a bit about what was going on.

It was frustrating trying to figure out why the kids were brought to a boarding school of sorts to learn about their unconscious abilities but that’s a good thing because I couldn’t pull myself away. I spent most of my Sunday devouring this book (a little over 300 pages after I read an initial 120) and was surprised when reaching the end. This book was that good and I haven’t read over three hundred pages in one day in a long time. When the truth behind why these kids were gathered together was revealed, I was so excited!

This unlikely band of young adults are smart, quick learners and very talented. They figured out a good portion of what they could do before Amr comes clean and explains what’s going on.
This book was a fascinating mix of mystery, adventure, humor, magic and the power of believing in the unexpected.
From the way it ended, I really hope there’s a sequel because I want to know more and see what next adventure could be around the corner! If you like a bit of Egyptian myth tossed in with the modern world, you’ll really enjoy this book. Plus there’s an adorable Gryphon!

Too Scot To Handle

TSTH Banner.jpeg



Barnes and Noble


tooscottohandle-sharegraphic04 (1)Windham Brides

Those covers are so pretty, I want  them all!


He’d taken care that this kiss be private, and thus unhurried.

    Anwen liked the unhurried part exceedingly. Lord Colin held her not as if she were frail and fragile, but as if she were too precious to let go. His arms were secure about her, and he’d tucked in close enough that she could revel in his contours—broad chest, flat belly, and hard, hard thighs, such as an accomplished equestrian would have.

    Soft lips, though. Gentle, entreating, teasing…

    Anwen teased him back, getting a taste of peppermint for her boldness, and then a taste of him.

    “Great day in the morning,” he whispered, right at her ear. “I won’t be able to sit my horse if you do that again with your tongue.”

    She did it again, and again, until the kiss involved his leg insinuated among the folds and froths of her riding habit, her fingers toying with the hair at his nape, and her heart, beating faster than it had at the conclusion of their race.

    “Ye must cease, wee Anwen,” Lord Colin said, resting his cheek against her temple. “We must cease, or I’ll have to cast myself into yonder water for the sake of my sanity.”

    “I’m a good swimmer,” Anwen said. “I’d fish you out.” She contemplated dragging a sopping Lord Colin from the Serpentine, his clothes plastered to his body….

    “Such a sigh,” he said, kissing her cheek. “If ye’d slap me, I’d take it as a mercy.”

    “I’d rather kiss you again.” And again and again and again. Anwen’s enthusiasm for that undertaking roared through her like a wild fire, bringing light, heat, and energy to every corner of her being.

    “You are a bonfire in disguise,” he said, smoothing a hand over her hair. “An ambush of a woman, and you have all of polite society thinking you’re the quiet one.” He peered down at her, his hair sticking up on one side. “Am I the only man who knows better, Anwen?”

    She smoothed his hair down, delighting in its texture. Red hair had a mind of its own, and by the dawn’s light, his hair was very red.

    “No, you are not the only one who knows better,” she said, which had him looking off across the water, his gaze determined.

    “I’m no’ the dallyin’ kind,” he said, taking Anwen’s hand and kissing it. “I was a soldier, and I’m fond of the ladies, but this is… you mustn’t toy with me.”

    Everlasting celestial trumpets. “You think I could toy with you?”

    “When you smile like that, you could break hearts, Miss Anwen Windham. A man wouldn’t see it coming, but then you’d swan off in a cloud of grace and dignity, and too late, he’d realize what he’d missed. He wouldn’t want to admit how foolish he’d been, but in his heart, he’d know: I should ne’er have let her get away. I should have done anything to stay by her side.”

    I am a bonfire in disguise. “You are not the only one who knows my secret. I know better now too, Colin.” She went up on her toes and kissed him. “It’s our secret.”

My thoughts on this wonderful book:

I generously received this book in exchange for an honest review. I’ve had a physical copy of this book for quite some time but I put off reading it until close to the release date because then there’d be less time to wait for the next book in the series. Bookworm logic…

This book was such a pleasure to read and I was drawn in from the beginning. Anwen is one of my favorites in the family who is just as passionate about saving the Orphanage she volunteers at as she is about her family.

Anwen is the youngest daughter, was very sick as a child which resulted in her family nearly smothering her with trying to keep her in excellent health since then, is smarter than the idiot foppish men who try to talk down to her and has a fiery nature with a big heart. She loves and protects the orphans under her care as though they’re her children and will put anyone in their place who tries to hurt them.

Colin is the second of seven kids, Scottish, a former Captain in the army, loving brother and a recently titled gentleman who is fiercely protective of those he cares for. A chance encounter with the usually quiet Anwen causes him to see that there’s more than meets the eye of the red headed lass.

These two unlikely people find themselves drawn to each other, working to save the Orphanage and attempting to ignore the growing attraction. Love will find a way though and what a Windham woman wants, good luck with stopping her!

Things are about to get more complicated though as jealousy rears its ugly head with a handful of fops that started with a drunken joke and snowballs into something much bigger. It will take patience, cunning and honesty to not only set things right but send the foolish fops on their merry way.

Full of humor, loveable urchins, the wonder of family, steamy scenes tossed into the mix and Scots which all add up to a wonderful novel. I’m so glad I read this book and can’t wait for the next book in the series!

Plus Anwen and Colin together are so adorable!! I love how honest and loving they are though good a great job of hiding their affections for a while.

So that wraps up my bookish ramblings for the time being. I’ll be spending today reading and hopefully finishing two other books before bed. I’m so glad I get to have a day to marathon read especially since it’s a rainy day.

So I’m off to curl up with a cup of hot tea and read. I will be back soon to update on my reading progress and other bookish thoughts. Please feel free to stock back, the more bookworms the better! May you always have a book nearby and lots of room to put your books!




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Magic, Mayhem and Arthurian Legends

Good evening,

I just finished a book that will be released tomorrow and I couldn’t wait to share with you my thoughts. Get ready for a healthy dose of magic!


This book is available tomorrow though you’re more than welcome to preorder it!

Buy Links:


Barnes and Noble

Before going much further, I wanted to  mention that I generously received a digital ARC of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I love the cover which gives hint of who Morgan once was and the colors are a perfect mix. Even though I hate Isabeau’s guts for what she did to Morgan and those around her and she more than deserves what she may have coming to her, I can see why she was so drawn to Morgan as a human just by looks alone but I still hate her guts!

From moment I read the first page, I was hooked and couldn’t seem to stop reading. I’ve always been fascinated with the Fae, Avalon and King Arthur Legends which was in this book along with Thea’s own unique spin to myths mixed with the modern world.

Sidonie Martel (Sid) is a very gifted musician whose parents encouraged her gift from a young age and worked hard to ensure she had every opportunity to succeed. She loves getting lost in her music especially with a violin in her hand and forgetting about her OCD tendencies, akwardness around most people and other troubles.
Morgan is a lycanthrope who was turned against his will by the petty Queen Isabeau of the Light Fae and has been under her control for centuries. He was once a very powerful human who helped a young boy become King but then was betrayed by Isabeau. Due to a geas, he’s unable to pay her back for her deceit, offer help to prisoners or do anything unless Isabeau allows it.

When he becomes injured after a battle, he does everything he can to be free of Isabeau as long as possible when she sends him away and hopes to find a way to become free of her completely. He happens to hear Sid perform one night in London and finds himself drawn in a way he hasn’t felt in centuries though his life is about to become even more complicated.

A foe who seeks to drive a wedge between Morgan and the Queen without being aware of what’s behind the bond decides to kidnap Sid and in disguise manages to give her as a tribute to the Queen.

Sid becomes fed up with the treatment which ends up badly for her and it will take the unexpected help of a certain Magic Man as she calls him to find a way out of the terrible situation. She has no idea who he really is because he won’t give a name at first for fear it could go badly for the two of them but Sid is tenacious and is determined not only to find out his name but to help him be free of the Queen.

Things become even more complicated as the story goes on but I don’t want to spoil things. Let’s just say that it’s so worth reading to find out and some of it may be shocking.

I adored Sid who is so funny, musically talented, smart and doesn’t back down when she has her mind set on something. She may appear to be an ordinary human but her musical gift and heart of gold have their own special brand of magic. Even when she’s at her lowest, she finds a way to rally, make the best of things and refuses to let anyone keep her down. Sid owes up to her mistakes and uses her smarts to show the Fae that she’s more than just a lowly human especially through her music.

Morgan believes he’s a terrible person and though he did terrible things while under the geas, he’s really not. Hard to call someone terrible when they risk their neck to bring comfort to someone who is trapped in a prison because the terrible Isabeau ordered her there. He has a lot of redeeming qualities though it will take the determination of a certain human to show him the way.

This book was full of a fascinating mix of adventure, magic, steaminess, humor, mystery and the power of love. I’m so glad to have read this book and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

That about wraps up my bookish ramblings for now. I’ve had so much fun reading this book and I hope you will too. If this is your first time viewing my blog, welcome and feel free to check me out at these various social sites:


Thank you so much for dropping by and feel free to stop by again to see what next I will ramble about to my bookworm heart’s content!



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A Water Drakon, Treasure, Steamy Scenes and Humor, Oh My!

Good morning,

For some reason, I didn’t post my thoughts on this book just after finishing it, probably because I needed a bit of time to figure out how to word my thoughts. So here I am, gushing about a book that I finished recently.

I generously received this book in exchange for an honest review. And without further ado, I present to you my thoughts:


Buying Links:


Barnes and Noble

Isn’t that cover so amazing?!I love the colors, Ezra’s eyes are such a mesmerizing blue, the ocean is breathtaking, then there’s Ezra’s Drakon form in the background which all adds up to drawing me in. There’s something about the ocean that I’ve always been drawn to. I really want to get all of the books in paper form some day because Drakons and the books would look so nice on my shelf!

This book was a pleasure to read and kept me on the edge of my seat.
Sam is a human woman who is an archaologist determined to that the Knights of the Dragon for killing her mentor/father figure and then disappearing but she’s way in over her head. She’s always had an affinity for being able to sense magical items full of power which has often caused her to be made fun of by her  fellow archeologist associates but also has led her to discover some very interesting finds. She knows that the current crew is looking for objects of power and is determined to keep it out of their hands mainly just to spite them. She does manage that but then she also gets shot and nearly drowns.
Ezra is a four thousand year old Water Drakon (part human, part water dragon) who lives on his own island off the coast of Maine, owns a successful marine salvage company and generally keeps to himself other than maintaining contact with his brothers.

He is out keeping an eye on a boat that one of his brothers warned may be trying to salvage objects of power that could potentially harm him and other Drakons when he happens to see a woman in a dinghy being shot which blows a hole in the dinghy as the woman blacks out. He rams the boat in his water dragon form which causes it to sink though the humans survive and he rescues the mysterious woman out of the water, bringing her to his home. He’s leery of her because she could be the enemy but he does what he can to nurse her back to health.

Sam is leery of Ezra at first despite him saving her life because he’s a stranger and she’s not sure if he might have ill intentions which is perfectly understandable and realistic. She finds herself drawn to him partly because he rescued her once she’s coherent. I would be too with those pretty blue eyes!

Eventually these two unlikely people learn to trust neither of them is the enemy which grows into a friendship and then a bond that happens only once in a drakon’s lifetime.

Both try to fight the attraction to each other but fate is determined to try to bring these two together despite the strange circumstances. After all, what Drakon wants to give up his treasure especially when she could be the key to his salvation?

Danger is just on the horizon though and both will have to make decisions that will either strengthen the bond they have formed or tear it to pieces.

This book was an interesting mix of magic, myth, adventure, steaminess, humor, and a few twists. I’m glad that I read this book and look forward to reading more in this series. With Drakons in the mix, how could I not want to read more and hopefully find out if there’s more in this particular world than the four brothers?!

So that wraps up my bookish ramblings for now. Be sure to stay tuned to find out more on my thoughts and feel free to follow me here:


Have a lovely Sunday and may you get to read as much as you’d like today!



Book Signing and Book Spree!

Good evening,

Had such a great Saturday off today. My love went with me to the HON (House of Night) book signing in Roseville, MN. This book takes place a year after the end of Redeemed and brings together the Nerd Herd for Zoe’s eighteenth birthday. This is in the same world though this new series is known as House of Night Other World. There will be at least one more book in the series, possibly two more after the second depending on how well the first two do which was mentioned during the questions part before the book signing.

My bookworm side was so happy to be set free today and I brought home more books than I planned which is nothing new for me! It was such a pleasure meeting P.C Cast as well as Kristin Cast, getting insights into the current series as well as HON in general, possible other books being written etc. I wasn’t sure if there was a limit of books that could be signed by them due to time constraints, etc so I brought three out of the five books I own by them (was six but seemed to have misplaced one…) and then bought a fourth because I didn’t own a physical copy of any of Kristin’s . Lots of laughter and was so much fun! Next time I’m bringing all the books I have of theirs to sign!



Also the store itself was A-mazing!!! They have a good sized used books section that I just had to check out and scored four books! The bookseller was saying that it’s one  of only five B&N’s that offer a used book section. We’ll be back again soon to take more time to really dive into the whole store. I had to be practically dragged away which was good because I would have been tempted to buy a lot more than I already had. I’ve soothed by bookworm craving… for now.

Books I bought:



I have been looking for Brisinger in paperback for a while. Not the large  paperback that seems standard because my other two books in the series are the smaller versions and I want them to match. I then saw it in  hardcover, realized what a great deal it was and debated getting the other two. When I learned that they were also less than the price on the front, I had to snatch them up! Now just to get Inheritance in hardcover and I’ll be good to go!now Okay the tote isn’t a book but it was a great deal, purple and held my bags easier than just a plastic bag. I’m also really excited to see the Mango Black Tea back and it was so delicious!


So that wraps up my bookish adventures for today. More books to read, organize and generally enjoy. So looking forward to P.C. Cast’s new book Sun Warrior which is book two in her Tales of a New World series. At the signing she mentioned having ideas for new books which I hope means she’ll hopefully write more books for her Goddess Summoning series as well as Partholon and there may be different covers to look forward to in at least one of her series. So many books…. so little time.

That wraps up my bookish ramblings for today. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and please feel free to comment or follow me here:





Hope you have a wonderful weekend full of reading time, book browsing/buying/general bookish activities paired with your favorite choice of beverage and food. Tune in again soon where I am sure to find a reason to buy books and ramble!



Demeter’s Tablet Review

Good evening,

I am just about to go to bed but before I do, I couldn’t resist gushing about a book that I read today. My mind is still trying to understand some of the surprises and so glad I was able to read it  before the release date which is tomorrow.

Without further ado, my review on this amazing book which is number two in the Nia Rivers’ Adventures and will be released tomorrow:


You can follow the link before and pre-order the Kindle version if you’d like!


I love the cover which gives a hint into one of my favorite reading genres which is mythology!

Before I go much further, I wanted to say that I received a digital advanced reading copy in exchange for an honest review.

This book was amazing and I read it in one day because it was just that good and I couldn’t put it down. Nia is back with her new human bestie Loren who seem to be opposites and yet are so great together. I love reading about their banter and would love having a girl like her for a bestie. I adore Loren and how snarky she can be plus she’s unashamed about her love for a variety of men.

This unlikely duo is in search of a tablet known as Demeter’s Tablet which leads them on quite the adventure from a weird would be orgy in Istanbul all the way to Rome where the ancient Gods and Goddesses are still very much alive and more of Nia’s past will be revealed.

This book was full of adventure, humor, mystery, magic and at times frustration because I wanted to know how Nia was connected to the Gods and hoping to learn where Nia really came from. Well the first part was answered though the second is still quite the mystery. Not that I’m complaining because that just intrigues me more and I hope that eventually more will be revealed as the series continues.

I’d also love if there was eventually a story about Nia’s history with the Gods and maybe even one about Poseidon himself. I’ve always had a fascination for the mysterious God of the Seas and I really enjoyed how he was depicted in this book!

I highly recommend reading this book which reminds me of a fascinating mixture of Indiana Jones, Mythology and a reminder that you can always get through anything life throws at you with friends at your side. Plus there’s the Broody Billionaire to consider and a few other people that keep popping up to spice things up.

Can’t wait until the next book which I haven’t read but know already that I will love plus the title gives me a hint about more genres that I love to read about!

So I hope you’ve enjoyed my bookish ramblings and if the book sounds even close so something that you enjoy, go get a copy for yourself! Can’t remember the last time I finished a book in one day which shows just how addicted I was and read every chance I could. That raps things up for me though I will be back soon to ramble on more about my love of reading and general bookish things.

I hope you always have a book with you especially in case life gets boring and be proud of what you love to read!



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Hunted By Sin Review

Good evening,

I just finished a book and though I’m still processing, wanted to get my thoughts down while the story is still fresh in my mind. What book you ask? Well keep reading and all will be revealed, minus spoilers.

Screenshot_20170706-121256.pngIsn’t that such a pretty cover?!!

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

This book is second The Gatekeeper Chronicles and all of my favorite characters are back! Malina, Eamon, Ajitah, his kids, Drake, Carmella, Aaron and Garuda.
Malina and her friends are on the lookout for missing people and to hopefully balance the scales so she can be rid of some of the marks on her soul. When Carmella is kidnapped, Malina pulls out all the stops to find her and the truth is something that really rocks the Witch Coven world.
Eamon still seems to be suffering from something, won’t explain why he doesn’t want Malina together with Ajitah and holds back the possible key to saving her Mother from the Daughter of Chaos though all are eventually revealed near the end of the book.
When Malina learns what might save her mother, she travels to the Naga world known as Nagalok with Garuda at her side and becomes enmeshed in a world that her Mom left to be able to be with her Dad. Also Garuda is put under a trial for killing the Guardian though it was in self defense. There she meets her grandfather, great grandfather and most of the Naga. One person in particular she could have gladly gone without meeting… puts a whole different spin on being a snake in the grass….
Then eventually she returns to Earth, learns the truth about her Dad’s declining health and the real reason he’s tried to steer Malina away from Ajitah.

I can see why Malina has been struggling with her feelings for Ajitah as well as Garuda. Both have their own lure, hot and are protective. What girl wouldn’t struggle to decide!

This book blew my mind and talk about the feels especially the end…… you’re probably going to need some tissues! I can’t wait to see what next happens in this fascinating story and hopefully some things will become much more clear.

If you’re a fan of mythology, magic, the power of Love, adventure and alternate realities, you’ll love this book!

Now I’m off to wipe up my face after that unexpected ending and eagerly waiting to get my hands on the next book in this addicting series!

Thank you so much for dropping by and I hope you’ve enjoyed my review. Feel free to comment if you’d like or if this is your first time visiting, feel free to find me at these social media sites where I also talk about books, take pictures of books and generally enjoy every moment of being a bookworm:

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