Hunted By Sin Review

Good evening,

I just finished a book and though I’m still processing, wanted to get my thoughts down while the story is still fresh in my mind. What book you ask? Well keep reading and all will be revealed, minus spoilers.

Screenshot_20170706-121256.pngIsn’t that such a pretty cover?!!

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

This book is second The Gatekeeper Chronicles and all of my favorite characters are back! Malina, Eamon, Ajitah, his kids, Drake, Carmella, Aaron and Garuda.
Malina and her friends are on the lookout for missing people and to hopefully balance the scales so she can be rid of some of the marks on her soul. When Carmella is kidnapped, Malina pulls out all the stops to find her and the truth is something that really rocks the Witch Coven world.
Eamon still seems to be suffering from something, won’t explain why he doesn’t want Malina together with Ajitah and holds back the possible key to saving her Mother from the Daughter of Chaos though all are eventually revealed near the end of the book.
When Malina learns what might save her mother, she travels to the Naga world known as Nagalok with Garuda at her side and becomes enmeshed in a world that her Mom left to be able to be with her Dad. Also Garuda is put under a trial for killing the Guardian though it was in self defense. There she meets her grandfather, great grandfather and most of the Naga. One person in particular she could have gladly gone without meeting… puts a whole different spin on being a snake in the grass….
Then eventually she returns to Earth, learns the truth about her Dad’s declining health and the real reason he’s tried to steer Malina away from Ajitah.

I can see why Malina has been struggling with her feelings for Ajitah as well as Garuda. Both have their own lure, hot and are protective. What girl wouldn’t struggle to decide!

This book blew my mind and talk about the feels especially the end…… you’re probably going to need some tissues! I can’t wait to see what next happens in this fascinating story and hopefully some things will become much more clear.

If you’re a fan of mythology, magic, the power of Love, adventure and alternate realities, you’ll love this book!

Now I’m off to wipe up my face after that unexpected ending and eagerly waiting to get my hands on the next book in this addicting series!

Thank you so much for dropping by and I hope you’ve enjoyed my review. Feel free to comment if you’d like or if this is your first time visiting, feel free to find me at these social media sites where I also talk about books, take pictures of books and generally enjoy every moment of being a bookworm:

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