A Water Drakon, Treasure, Steamy Scenes and Humor, Oh My!

Good morning,

For some reason, I didn’t post my thoughts on this book just after finishing it, probably because I needed a bit of time to figure out how to word my thoughts. So here I am, gushing about a book that I finished recently.

I generously received this book in exchange for an honest review. And without further ado, I present to you my thoughts:


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Isn’t that cover so amazing?!I love the colors, Ezra’s eyes are such a mesmerizing blue, the ocean is breathtaking, then there’s Ezra’s Drakon form in the background which all adds up to drawing me in. There’s something about the ocean that I’ve always been drawn to. I really want to get all of the books in paper form some day because Drakons and the books would look so nice on my shelf!

This book was a pleasure to read and kept me on the edge of my seat.
Sam is a human woman who is an archaologist determined to that the Knights of the Dragon for killing her mentor/father figure and then disappearing but she’s way in over her head. She’s always had an affinity for being able to sense magical items full of power which has often caused her to be made fun of by her  fellow archeologist associates but also has led her to discover some very interesting finds. She knows that the current crew is looking for objects of power and is determined to keep it out of their hands mainly just to spite them. She does manage that but then she also gets shot and nearly drowns.
Ezra is a four thousand year old Water Drakon (part human, part water dragon) who lives on his own island off the coast of Maine, owns a successful marine salvage company and generally keeps to himself other than maintaining contact with his brothers.

He is out keeping an eye on a boat that one of his brothers warned may be trying to salvage objects of power that could potentially harm him and other Drakons when he happens to see a woman in a dinghy being shot which blows a hole in the dinghy as the woman blacks out. He rams the boat in his water dragon form which causes it to sink though the humans survive and he rescues the mysterious woman out of the water, bringing her to his home. He’s leery of her because she could be the enemy but he does what he can to nurse her back to health.

Sam is leery of Ezra at first despite him saving her life because he’s a stranger and she’s not sure if he might have ill intentions which is perfectly understandable and realistic. She finds herself drawn to him partly because he rescued her once she’s coherent. I would be too with those pretty blue eyes!

Eventually these two unlikely people learn to trust neither of them is the enemy which grows into a friendship and then a bond that happens only once in a drakon’s lifetime.

Both try to fight the attraction to each other but fate is determined to try to bring these two together despite the strange circumstances. After all, what Drakon wants to give up his treasure especially when she could be the key to his salvation?

Danger is just on the horizon though and both will have to make decisions that will either strengthen the bond they have formed or tear it to pieces.

This book was an interesting mix of magic, myth, adventure, steaminess, humor, and a few twists. I’m glad that I read this book and look forward to reading more in this series. With Drakons in the mix, how could I not want to read more and hopefully find out if there’s more in this particular world than the four brothers?!

So that wraps up my bookish ramblings for now. Be sure to stay tuned to find out more on my thoughts and feel free to follow me here:


Have a lovely Sunday and may you get to read as much as you’d like today!




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