Book Signing and Book Spree!

Good evening,

Had such a great Saturday off today. My love went with me to the HON (House of Night) book signing in Roseville, MN. This book takes place a year after the end of Redeemed and brings together the Nerd Herd for Zoe’s eighteenth birthday. This is in the same world though this new series is known as House of Night Other World. There will be at least one more book in the series, possibly two more after the second depending on how well the first two do which was mentioned during the questions part before the book signing.

My bookworm side was so happy to be set free today and I brought home more books than I planned which is nothing new for me! It was such a pleasure meeting P.C Cast as well as Kristin Cast, getting insights into the current series as well as HON in general, possible other books being written etc. I wasn’t sure if there was a limit of books that could be signed by them due to time constraints, etc so I brought three out of the five books I own by them (was six but seemed to have misplaced one…) and then bought a fourth because I didn’t own a physical copy of any of Kristin’s . Lots of laughter and was so much fun! Next time I’m bringing all the books I have of theirs to sign!



Also the store itself was A-mazing!!! They have a good sized used books section that I just had to check out and scored four books! The bookseller was saying that it’s one  of only five B&N’s that offer a used book section. We’ll be back again soon to take more time to really dive into the whole store. I had to be practically dragged away which was good because I would have been tempted to buy a lot more than I already had. I’ve soothed by bookworm craving… for now.

Books I bought:



I have been looking for Brisinger in paperback for a while. Not the large  paperback that seems standard because my other two books in the series are the smaller versions and I want them to match. I then saw it in  hardcover, realized what a great deal it was and debated getting the other two. When I learned that they were also less than the price on the front, I had to snatch them up! Now just to get Inheritance in hardcover and I’ll be good to go!now Okay the tote isn’t a book but it was a great deal, purple and held my bags easier than just a plastic bag. I’m also really excited to see the Mango Black Tea back and it was so delicious!


So that wraps up my bookish adventures for today. More books to read, organize and generally enjoy. So looking forward to P.C. Cast’s new book Sun Warrior which is book two in her Tales of a New World series. At the signing she mentioned having ideas for new books which I hope means she’ll hopefully write more books for her Goddess Summoning series as well as Partholon and there may be different covers to look forward to in at least one of her series. So many books…. so little time.

That wraps up my bookish ramblings for today. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and please feel free to comment or follow me here:





Hope you have a wonderful weekend full of reading time, book browsing/buying/general bookish activities paired with your favorite choice of beverage and food. Tune in again soon where I am sure to find a reason to buy books and ramble!




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