Booktubeathon 2017

Hi everyone,

Day 5 of #booktubeathon2017 and I’ve just completed two books so far. I feel that I’m really lagging because my plan was to read a book a day but I’m reading more than I’ve been lately and I’m halfway through my Day 3 book which is Alice In Wonderland which I’m loving! I finished The Selection today and wow… I should have binged read that series when all three were released! I now have all three because I bought the third one today! Eventually I’ll buy the next generation so to speak too. It kind of reminds me of The Bachelor with the Maxon trying to choose who will be his bride but so much better because the lucky Lady gets to become royalty! I’ll do a review soon about my thoughts.
So anyways, I’ve read a bit of all the books I’ve mentioned in my daily posts and I am planning to read a bit of my day 7 book called Rising Fire by Terri Brisbin because it’s a random one and I have all the books in that series soooo I can binge read that one too.

That cover still hits me right in the feels. Actually each of the covers in the trilogy are amazing and I’ll show you the rest also soon.

My Current pages count: 738

Books I’m currently reading:


Also, food I was snacking on while taking this picture!

Not a bad amount of pages considering I’ve been working every day of Booktubeathon a little over eight hours a day except for Wed. Tomorrow afternoon and all day Sunday I’ll have off so let the reading marathon start soonish! Realistically I probably won’t read all 7 books this week but I’m trying my best and reading so win! I haven’t been doing any of the video challenges but I have done most of the Instagram Challenges.
Best of luck to everyone and even if you don’t feel like participating, I hope you’re able to read more than usual if you so want to!

Now I’m off to hopefully finish Alice and bed so I can somewhat drag myself out of and off to work.


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