Highlanders and Coffee!!

Happy Sunday!

It’s a great day to read about Highlanders and enjoy a cup of Cameron’s Highlander Grogg!


I reached out to a rep for Amy Jarecki who writes on of my new favorite series which is Lord’s off The Highlands.

Previously I had reached out when there was a sign up for a chance to win an ARC of The Highland Duke which I was so very lucky to receive a copy of!


Ahhh look at that cover!!

So when I found out about her third book being released, I decided to reach out again. Well was so very fortunate to get a response saying there would be a sign up soon but if I’d like, could be sent a copy early. Of course I jumped at the chance because I couldn’t wait and I wanted it in my hands asap!

Two days ago, I received a paper ARC which arrived quickly and it so made my day! My collection is complete and I love all of the covers!! What’s not to like with handsome Highlanders in kilts and weapons?!

I realized I didn’t have her second book which is The Highland Commander so went to my local B&N which I got just before Highland Guardian came & voila!


Say hello to Aiden Murray! I love the background of the ocean and a case which makes sense since he’s a Navy Lieutenant!

I plan to eventually pick up The Highland Duke in its fully finished form soon & The Highland Guardian when it’s released. I love having the ARCs as well and am so grateful to get this opportunity to read before release day!


My complete collection! I am one very happy bookworm right now, can’t wait to devour my new books and then reread again.

Have a wonderful Sunday and please feel free to tune in soon to read more about my bookish ramblings!



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2 thoughts on “Highlanders and Coffee!!

  1. Hi Meg! So happy to hear that you like the Lords of the Highlands covers! I think Forever Romance has done a fantastic job with them and I couldn’t be more delighted. Let me know if you’d like me to send you a signed book plate to adhere to the inside cover of your books 🙂 Thank you for blogging about the series. You ROCK!

    1. Hi Amy,
      Thank you so much for the sweet reply! I really enjoyed the book and I’m looking forward to reading more about your Highlanders! You’re very welcome for the post as I have so much fun reading your books! For some odd reason this comment just now showed up… technology is so weird at times… I would love a signed bookplate!


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