A Place To Remember Review

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I was recently asked if I’d like to take part in a bookish blog tour and of course I said yes!

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I read this book of my own will and was given an advanced digital copy. There are some secrets that are just too big to keep quiet. This is the story of Ava and her daughter Nina who have lived in Australia all their lives. Nina has no idea that her mother used to live a different life thirty years ago and when she learns the truth, sets out to find Ivy May in Queensland where events happened that changed Ava’s life forever.
It’s a story about what was, what could have been but also about what could be if the Date is kind enough to allow it.
Thirty years ago Ava was a young woman working at a B&B as the cook with dreams to make enough money to travel and carry on her Father’s dreams who died unexpectedly. When she meets John Tate, her boss’s son who also happens to be a good cook and a decent person, she finds herself drawn to him though tries to fight her feelings. What starts out as friendship turns into so much deeper, sweeter and yet heartbreaking.
Fast forward to thirty years and Ava is no longer a young woman with a daughter who is about to learn some of the secrets her Mother has kept all these years.
Life is rarely simple and soon Nina will learn about her Mother’s life as a young woman and may just be able to find a way to balance the past with the present and hopefully have a future full of less heartache.
A poignant story set in beautiful Queensland, Australia where the Tates have owned lots of cattle over the year and John is the fifth generation to live on the property.
Sometimes what you’ve been looking for has been there all along.
I’m so glad I read this book!

So I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my thoughts and it’s been a pleasure to travel without leaving the comfort of my home. If you’d like to see who is a part of this tour, I have just the thing.


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