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I was asked if I’d like to join in on a blog tour featuring modern day Nobility and a young woman who has to marry into nobility in order to have her inheritance. Of course I said yes because it sounded like fun! I received an advanced reading copy though all opinions are my own.

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My Thoughts:

Ashford and Jemma may have lived near London most of their lives but come from two completely different worlds.

Ashford is a thirty year old 8th Generation Duke who has grown up being very privileged, handsome, popular and is one of the most eligible bachelors who recently became an official Duke when his Dad passed but Ashford is about to get a rude awakening that just may be the thing he needs.

Jemma is a twenty six year old woman who has made somewhat of a living as a makeup artist for a local theater, lived with her hippy parents who have raised their daughter to be fairly open-minded, self-disciplined but also free to pretty much do as she pleases. Then she gets a call that will change her life forever.

Ashford soon learns that his Dad didn’t invest so wisely in some areas before his death and unless he finds someone rich to marry, he may be forced to sell off most of his houses and become a disgray to society.

Jemma learns that her grandmother left her a very sizeable inheritance that would allow her to not have to work for the foreseeable future but there’s a catch. She has to marry someone with a title and stay married for at least a year. At first she’s ready to reject it but after being let go of her job and finding out that her boyfriend is married, Jemma realizes that the money could be a blessing in disguise.

Jemma and Ashford just happen to have the same lawyer who proposes proposed that they marry each other to solve the issue of money and a title respectively. Both are reluctant but realize it’s the most likely situation and marry at the courthouse, believing they cabarry quiet and live separate lives until the year is up. Then their marriage leaks out to the papers and a seemingly easy partnership becomes much more complicated.

Jemma finds herself dragged into Ashford’s priviledged world where she has to contend with a moody Mother-in-law, snooty people and trying to adjust to being a Duchess. It’s a lot for one gal to have to get used to in a short amount of time. Luckily she gets help from kindly servants, lots of reading, pointers from unlikely friends and putting her own unique spin on things.

Her relationship with Ashford starts out very rocky and then as the days blend into months, both realize that maybe it’s not so bad to be married to each other and that the old adage of opposites attract could very well be the case for these two

Full of humor, interesting in-laws, front row seats to see what it’s like to be part of the Nobility and adventure, this book was quite the whirlwind.

I’d like to think I could be great friends with Jemma and so enjoy getting to talk about classic books as well as spending lots of time in the family library!

Ashford starts out very stuck up but I warmed up to him as the story went along and what he did for Jemma’s parents was so sweet! Also he reminded me a bit of Darcy.

If you enjoy books set in England, rags to riches, and a healthy dash of talk about Jane Austen, then you’ll enjoy this book as much as I have.

I really hope there will be a book about Ashford’s best friend Har!

Well that wraps up my ramblings. Thank you so much for dropping by and I hope you’ve enjoyed my take on the book. Be sure to drop by again soon.

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