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I hope you’ve had a good week and a very successful reading month. Mine has slowed down a bit but I’m still reading so I count that has winning. I was asked if I would like to review an author’s book who just happens to be one of my favorites so of course I said yes! Before I gush about the book, I would like to say that I received an advanced digitally galley from the publisher via Netgalley though all thoughts are my own.

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This is the start of a fascinating series in a world where magic is real, a viscous person has become Emperor after unfairly seizing land and destroy many lives, particularly the majority of royalty who have either been killed or turned into slaves.

Queen Euthalia has spent a good chunk of her life trying to protect her people and little corner of the world which just happens to be a beautiful tropical nation that has many interesting temptations though has worked hard to keep blood from being shed in violence. She has been engaged to the Emperor for quite some time and has tried to elude him the best that she can with some rather clever wording and hopes eventually to figure out a way to get out of the betrothal. Then she is tasked by the Emperor with holding a group of rebels until they can be sent to the Emperor himself and all of her careful plans start to fall apart.

While reading about her island, it reminded me of a more magical version of Hawaii. I loved the concept that her world mostly revolved around flowers, many of her subjects are inspired by flowers or named after flowers and it’s in general a very lush community. There’s a lot of court intrigue and a certain part of the court that’s known as the Night Court which offers quite the interesting distractions though Euthalia doesn’t partake in them because it’s all part of her plan to distract the Emperor from trying to force her to marry him.

Conri is the former Crowned Prince of Onri whose world was turned upside down when the Emperor showed up and was sent to the mines to work as a slave along with his Father and former subjects when he was just a boy. He has fought hard to get out of the terrible conditions he spent most of his childhood and teens in particularly after his Dad passes away from a combination of heartbreak and the terrible side effects of inhaling the fumes from the mine. He is determined to put an end to the Emperor’s tyranny by killing him and hopefully freeing others who are under his domain. Conri is joined in the quest by many loyal people including Sondra who is like a sister to him and the mysterious Ambrose who is a wizard and has a bird familiar. Just when things seem to start looking up for Conri, he finds himself a prisoner in Euthalia’s court and is about to have quite the changes in life yet again.

These two unlikely but powerful people have come from very different backgrounds and yet both have been under the tyranny of the Emperor in different ways. They will have to work together if they can hope to get out from under the rule of such a terrible person which will involve a marriage of convenience that could very well be the key to freedom. That is if they can come to a compromise and learn to get along.

Full of surprises, adventure, court intrigue, a dash of magic, a few rather steamy scenes at the end, the power of friendship and the determination of two people to protect those who follow them, it was such a pleasure to read this book. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book and what surprises may be in store!

So that wraps up my bookish ramblings for the time being. I apologize that my blog has been rather quiet lately. It’s been a busy month for me and I’ve been attempting to catch up on some books that have been on my currently reading shelf for a while. Thank you to all who visit my blog as well as my social media sites, it really means a lot and I hope to be back to normal soon.

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