Rainy March Sunday

Happy Sunday!

It’s a cold rainy day which I love because it just gives me more of an excuse to stay inside curled up with a good book or several.


Today I’m hoping to get a good chunk read of Shadowhunter Academy and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell for Conker A Chonker weekend edition which was created by Asha

I’m also hoping to finish Buried In A Bog for the Irish Readathon (created by Aoife , Leanne and Elaine ) and the Bookie Trials weekend challenge edition (go Team Scribe!) .

Went to town for groceries with my boyfriend then treated myself to a London Fog Latte and a piece of pumpkin bread to share via Starbucks drive through. I don’t drink much for Earl Grey as the Bergamot is really overpowering but I’ve been meaning to try a London Fog for some time and I’ve found that it’s very tasty.

Well I’m off to eat cookies I just baked and getting some reading in. Hope you’ve enjoyed my bookish ramblings and I will be back soon with more bookish content.


Happy Reading!




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