Christmas Blitz in October!

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I am posting this a bit early because I am working all day tomorrow and want to share in the joy of recently taking part in a Blitz before tomorrow evening which is when I would be able to ramble about six books I was invited to view! I know I said five books but alas I forgot one and here I am to rectify that. All of the books mentioned in this post, apart from the last one, are now available for you to get your own copy! I alas was not able to read all of these books from cover to cover (I will read all of them soon) but I did read a chapter for each one which helped me to decide which one to continue with first and the ones to read soon. These books are not in any particular order of what I want to read but I will let you know which one was the winner!


Book #1- Hope At Christmas by Nancy Naigle



Barnes and Noble

I found this book really interesting which is a story about Sydney and her daughter RayAnne moving from Atlanta, Georgia back to Hopewell, NC where her grandparents left her a house. Sydney just wants a fresh start after the difficult divorce she went through with her jerk of an ex-husband Jon who was unfaithful to her and tried to be manipulative throughout the proceedings. Her ten year old daughter is not happy about the move but Sydney feels it was the best thing for everyone and she just wants to move on from the past.

There’s a bookstore called The Book Bea that Sydney used to visit a lot as a child and is still running which she can’t help but check out again as an adult because it brings back just wonderful memories and she’s a bookworm so that makes so much sense right there!

I love this quote she says shortly after rediscovering The Book Bea –

“Books had always rescued her, and she’d never stopped trusting a good book to bring her joy, erase her fears, and give her strength. That same excitement swirled inside her”.

I don’t know about you but I can already tell that I am really going to enjoy reading this book which will be number two on my list to read before the end of the month!

Book #2- A Season of You by Emma Douglas



Barnes and Noble

Mina and her yellow lab Stewie find themselves on the side of a road with a flat tire in the middle of the night with the start of a storm coming in Lansing Island, CA. Mina is attempting to fix the flat tire when she slips on the tarp she laid out and knocks herself out.

Will just happens to spot a car with its headlights on out the window not far from where he’s working at his Distillery and goes to investigate, finding his old friend Mina knocked out cold and rescues the both of them just in time.

It’s obvious these two have an interesting history and Will mentions the feelings he’d developed for her when they were younger but he kept his distance because she had been engaged at the time.

I’m really curious to know more details about these two and I think it’s really cool that Will owns a distillery!

Book #3- Christmas At Two Love Lane by Kieran Kramer



Barnes and Noble

Macy Frost is a matchmaker at Two Love Lane in Charleston, South Carolina whose ancestor Thomas Winston Frost claimed he was a direct descendant of Cupid so you could say that her skills run in the family though she’s one of the few people in her immediate family that hasn’t had much success with love on a personal level.

Then she meets a Northerner named Deacon Banks who is a George Clooney lookalike who strolls right into her office one day and though that annoys her a bit, she starts wondering who she can match make with him. He doesn’t want a partner for love though but strictly for business reasons.

Macy really doesn’t like the man’s attitude and starts to turn him away but then he offers to pay double what she normally charges. She’s tempted but turns him down though a part of her wants to say yes.

Sounds like this is going to be a very interesting read indeed and I’m curious how these two will really get on!

Book #4-  Deck The Halls by Donna Alward



Barnes and Noble

This book is a novella at the length of about 117 pages so if you’re looking for a fast read whether you’ve read the books before this one or are new to the series like myself, it’s a great way to go!

George Reilly works for The Ladybug Garden Center in Darling, Vermont and is helping set things up for the Christmas season when his old friend Ian Merck’s twin sister Amy shows up who he hasn’t seen in fifteen years and is really upset to see her. Apparently Ian had been in Iraq along with George and something happened to him that he felt responsible for and didn’t want to see Ian’s family because of the pain it brought.

He was so sure he had put that time of his life behind him, had moved on and wants to know why Amy found him. She wants to know what went on with her brother and why George had stopped contacted them especially after whatever happened in Iraq.

I too want to know what happened years ago and why George feels so responsible for something that I’m sure he had no control over. Hopefully the truth will be revealed!

Book #5- With This Christmas Ring by Manda Collins



Barnes and Noble

This book is also a novella at just under 200 pages and who can say no to the possibility of reading about two people getting a possible second chance at love?! I know I can’t!

Merry Parks bursts into her house with an infant named Lottie in her arms much to the shock of some of the servants whose Mother was her dear friend Charlotte Smithson that just passed away shortly from a fever shortly after giving birth and she had promised to take care of. Charlotte asked that Merry find Lottie’s father who is a Wrotham.

She found out that the child is cousin to Alexander, Lord Wrotham who apparently used to be someone that she had hoped to marry some day but didn’t for some reason. It would seem to me that she still has feelings for the man and I wonder what really broke these two up.

I can’t wait to see how the reunion of these two goes and I feel so bad for Lottie who I hope will find a happier life than the one she was born into. A very intriguing first chapter indeed!

Book #6-  Christmas in Kilts by 5 Very Talented Authors! *This is the winner of which book I am going to read first, also this book will be out 10/31!!*

Christmas in Kilts_Cover


Barnes and Noble

Five Scotsmen and their lady loves? Sounds like my kind of story!

I actually read the first two chapters and the beginning of a third with the first novel in this compendium which is called A Highlander’s Hope by Terri Brisbin and it really intrigued me. It’s a story about Iain MacKillop who lives in the 14th Century, is a widower and lately been asked to consider marrying again at the urging of his nephew Jamie whose first wife passed away before they could have children. He’s been pretty much set against it especially the thought of marrying a woman who is barely of age and seems to mostly be for the alliance of a clan.

Then he suddenly finds himself liking Robena MacKendimen as more than just a woman that he passes the time with and is known as the sort of Town Mistress. There’s another word used but I’d much rather use Mistress who has been treated very well and is drawn to Iain but doesn’t think she’d be the right kind of gal because of her Profession.

I can tell just from the beginning of this story that Iain doesn’t give a fig about her profession and could see himself being with this woman on a permanent basis and I can’t wait to see what happens with their story!

I have not read the other stories in this series but I know that I will because they are all by talented authors and I just can’t resist stories that involve men in kilts!


So that concludes my ramblings on these books taken from the first chapters. They all sound like very interesting books and once I have read them, I will give a more in depth review. I can’t wait to see how each one will turn out and I hope that you’ll enjoy them too!

Happy Reading!



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