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Good Sunday Evening,

It’s a new year and I have a lot of plans for it particularly in the reading area. Last year I was six books short of my seventy five reading goal and this year I hope to go past it by at least five books. I also plan to try to keep up with blogging more and not overloading myself with too many books to read at once. We shall see how the last goal goes and for now, I’m going to talk about a book that I just finished and gush a bit about the author too.

Julia London has a way with words that always draws me in especially when it’s a book about the Scots. I love imagining seeing Scotland in all her glory when there were endless blue skies, fragrant heather and horses were the main way to get around.
Margot is a young spoiled English lady who is used to balls, fancy gowns and generally living a life of luxury. In the space of a month, she finds herself married to Arran who is Laird of Clan McKenzie and lives up in the Highlands where there aren’t fancy balls, many wear plaids and life is quite a bit different than what she’s used to.
After being fed up with how things are going, she leaves with her things and Arran has to watch her go in a coach while most of his clan is watching. Margot spends the next few years going back to balls, wearing gowns and doing most of the things she did before her marriage though it all seems empty at times. Her father pulls her aside one evening and says she must return to Scotland to find out whether her estranged husband is a traitor to the crown and though she is reluctant, when she learns that her Father could possibly hang if it’s true, she agrees to go. Little does she know how much it will change her view of things including her feelings for her estranged husband and show her how sometimes age can put a different perspective on a situation.

As Margot tries to learn of the truth, she finds herself drawn to her husband, realizing how naive she was as a young bride, the misunderstandings she had with some of the clan and that things aren’t always what they seem. While there’s no problem for her and Arran in the bedroom, trying to move past hurts and understand each other is another matter entirely. Just when it seems like things are slowly falling into place and Margot realizes that her husband is an honorable man, word comes to Arran about a spy in their midst and it rocks the foundation of their relationship. There’s also another twist that comes about that will leave Margot reeling and wondering which path to take in such difficult times.

Margot did start out in the book as a spoiled young girl who seems only concerned about the next ball or suitor to flirt with and makes some bad choices when it comes to the marriage that she was forced into. I liked her character though even when she wasn’t aware of the world outside her bubble because as Margot ages, her view on things change quite a bit. As she finds herself back with her husband and his clan, she’s under a lot of pressured but tries to make the best of it and refuses to back down on most things. They often say that with age comes wisdom and I think it’s very true in this case. Where she used to pout and generally throw a fit if things didn’t go her way, she tries to stand up for herself and communicate with her husband while also realizing just how different she felt about things when they were first married. Margot has her faults as any person does but eventually she realizes what is really important and embraces her husband’s side of the family.

I also like Arran because he took their marriage vows seriously and did not stray even when they were estranged. It’s understandable that he’d be leery of her showing up out of the blue and also wondering what his wife is really up to. He may be a traditional Scots in many ways but he also tries to communicate with his wife and deal with the every day things that come with being a laird. In his own way, he’s a romantic and eventually realizes that sometimes you have to let some of the things in the past rest and sometimes giving someone another chance can turn out better than expected.

It was such a pleasure to read this book and I found myself sitting in one spot for hours, wanting to know what would happen next. This book was an interesting mix of adventure, romance, passion, the power of family and unexpected twists. Also, I loved the fact that Margot eventually didn’t mind having the dogs sleep in the bed with her. I am eager to get my hands on the next book in the series and seeing what next will happen with the McKenzie Clan!

I’m really hoping to stay on task and be more serious about being a book blogger. In the past it’s been sporadic especially this past year after taking on a second job but I’ve realized that I can be just as passionate about book blogging as I am reading and just need to find a way to juggle things. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my bookish ramblings and I will be back soon with more to come. I have quite the long reading list to get through and since it’s one of the coldest months of the year, a perfect reason to stay in with my books!



A Review of The Dare and The Doctor

Good evening,

I’ve been very busy working and attempting to catch up on some reading as my to be read pile seems to grow daily in leaps and bounds. One of my jobs happens to be at a bookstore where I am very lucky to not only get a look at what goes on behind the scenes but also discounts, the occasional paper advanced reading copy (I have four so far and just started in October) and it pretty much pays for my reading habit.

Before I go into my review of this book which was great by the way, I wanted to take a moment to touch on a few things. I first of all want to thank everyone who read and/or participated in my last post whether here or on Facebook. It means a lot to me having that support and I hope that my posts can bring a smile to your face as well as add to your to be read list. My posting tends to be sporadic here as many have noticed but I really am passionate about spreading my love of reading, acquiring books (whether they are digital or print), talking to others about books and reading to my heart’s content (though being a bookworm, is there really such a thing?). Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart. Last but not least, I have picked a winner from my giveaway and will be posting it on my Facebook shortly so keep an eye out. Now, on to my review!


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I was so excited to get my hands on this book and was very happy to get an advanced reading copy. My inner bookworm was very happy and this book was so good that I finished it in less than two days, managing to sneak in extra time whenever possible.

Margaret Babcock has convinced herself that she’s content being in the country among her plants that her mother loved before she passed, her family and enjoying a fairly quiet life while keeping up a correspondence with Dr. Rhys Gray who she met the year previously and has kept up a steady conversation not only about her plants but about his profession and their daily lives. She’s shocked when he suggests that she come to London where he has spoken with men from the London Horticultural Society about her special roses that could be a new breakthrough for the science of plants. She’s hesitant at first but after the urging of a close friend and remembering what her Mother would say to be brave “What’s the worst that could happen?” sets her on a course of adventure that’s full of surprises, unexpected friendships, the prospect of love and the power of believing in the impossible.

I loved that this book started out in letter form and allowed me to get to know the characters a bit based on their thoughts and their playful banter. Neither of them want to admit at first that there could be a connection of more than friendship which is understandable. They both have obligations and are nervous at possibly messing up what has become a great friendship. Sometimes though, the best relationships can come from the best of friends and these two are quite the match not only in whit but thoughts and dedication to their professions.

Margaret’s love for horticulture is very inspiring and actually gave me some ideas on how to nurse my poor house plant back to health. Horticultural is an area that has often fascinated me and I could relate to Margaret often feeling awkward when people would notice her and jokingly making fun of herself. Being a tall girl myself, I know what it’s like for people to make comments and to often blurt out thoughts that make for an interesting reaction. I was laughing out loud when Margaret couldn’t resist telling one of the hostess’s that she was practically drowning one of her poor plants and then realizing she essentially stuck her foot in her mouth. She is someone that I would love to have as a friend and could learn a lot about plants from.

Rhys is a man who has his own sense of humor, honor and commitment to his profession as well as family. Due to an incident that happened years ago, he finds himself between a rock and a hard place because his Mother has burdened him with trying to restore the family’s honor. He finds himself drawn to Margaret while writing to her and even more so after they meet in person. Rhys loves how her mind works, the way she embraces most of the things he’s passionate about and her sense of humor. They are more alike than they realize and both at first pretend there’s not more than friendship though their friends can see something deeper developing.

I was really rooting for their friendship to turn into so much more though I know each had their own obstacles to overcome and admitting feelings was something that both struggled with. Attempting to go from friends into something more can be a scary step but when it’s the right couple, it can become a beautiful partnership.

There is someone, however in the book who doesn’t want them to be together and has some rather devious ways of trying to prevent more than friendship happening. I had a hunch throughout the book who it was and still was shocked at the lengths this person went to. Thankfully though, this person is found out and love triumphs.

I always love a story where two unlikely people turn out to be great for each other and when there is a happy ending. It must be the romantic in me and why romance is one of my favorite genres to date!

This book was such a pleasure to read and in fact inspired me to buy the first book in the series so that I could start from the beginning. Kate is such a talented writer and she wrote this series in a way that I was still able to understand the story line despite not starting from the beginning. I do recommend starting with book one though because it gives the series a richer background and understanding. I really hope that Kate plans to write more in this series and if not, I’d still love to see what next she has up her sleeve with writing.

Thank you so much for tuning in and I hope you’ve enjoyed my bookish ramblings. I have finished other books since this one and plan to have reviews up shortly. As I stated above, I’ll be announcing the lucky winner of all three books shortly on my Facebook page where you can find out what I’m reading and what I post about random bookworm things. I will be back soon with more reviews and sporadic bookworm humor.




A Guest Post with Kate Noble

Good afternoon fellow bookworms,

I was recently contacted by Kate Noble’s publicity manager and was asked if I’d like to be a part of the tour with her new book that is released today. Of course I said yes because I am such a big fan of her books, it’s my first chance at a guest post and it was very hard to keep it quiet but now I can share the good news! I also did a marathon reading of the book on Sunday so that I could be ready for today. I’ll be putting up a review in the next post and hope you’ll join in on the fun! I loved reading about Rhys and Margaret who both reminded me of brilliant but at times absentminded Professors.



Kate Noble

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Pub date: November 22, 2016

ISBN: 9781476749402

Price: $7.99 or less depending on the retailer

Mass Market Paperbound

A Winner Takes All Novel (#3)

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A thrilling and absorbing tale about two people who find so much safety in each other that they’re able to take the biggest risk of their lives. Not to be missed.”

Kirkus Reviews (STARRED REVIEW, The Dare and the Doctor)


“Noble asks “Can men and women just be friends?” in the third Winner Takes All installment, and the answer is an enchanting tale filled with poignancy and wit…readers will be caught up in the plot as the hero and heroine’s letters reveal more and more about themselves and their relationship…secondary characters enhance the storyline and propel the romance. Noble crafts a lovely, easy-to-read story.”

—RT (FOUR STAR REVIEW, The Dare and the Doctor)


About the book


National bestselling author Kate Noble’s THE DARE AND THE DOCTOR lures readers back to the dazzling, irresistible Winner Takes All Regency Romance series. Margaret Babcock has always been content with her quiet life in the country. But every now and then, she feels the urge to spread her wings. Her late mother used to whisper, “What’s the worst that could happen?” at the start of an adventure, and now Margaret’s continuing the tradition. So when Dr. Rhys Gray, her longtime correspondent on matters botanical, invites her to speak to the London Horticultural Society about her new rose hybrid, she accepts. She’s excited about her first visit to London, but even more so about getting to see her friend Dr. Gray. When she arrives, Rhys is eager to show her the wonders of the city, and the two spend many happy hours together just as friends, of course! But would friends miss each other quite as fiercely when they’re apart; or feel such a spark when they’re together? Margaret finds that friendship with Rhys is much more complicated than she’d imagined…especially when it turns out her friend has forgotten that he may be promised to another woman.


About the author


Kate Noble is the national bestselling author of The Lie and the Lady, The Game and the Governess, third in the witty, sexy Winner Takes All Regency Series, and the critically acclaimed, RITA Award-nominated Blue Raven series. Under the name Kate Rorick, she writes for television, as well as novels based on the Emmy Award-winning web series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, for which she is also a writer and producer. She lives in Los Angeles. Visit Kate at katenoble.com, Facebook, and Twitter.


Praise for the Winner Takes All Series


booklist_starreview_badge“With her usual witty writing and exquisite flair for characterization, Noble offers [The Lie and the Lady]. The effortless manner in which she wrote. The Lie and the Lady as a separate love story while at the same time gracefully connecting it to The Game and the Governess and cleverly hinting at what is to come in the series is nothing less than brilliant.”

Booklist (STARRED REVIEW, The Lie and the Lady)


“After a scandalous escapade with John, a commoner she thought was the Earl of Ashby. Letitia returns to England as the fiancée of a somewhat older, titled widower- only to find out that her new home is right in John’s backyard . . . heartwarming.”

Publishers Weekly (The Lie and the Lady)


“The Earl of Ashby trades places with his friend and secretary in order to prove he can win a woman without the benefit of his title in The Game and the Governess…It’s a delicious treat to watch Ned grow from earl to man, and see the stalwart Phoebe get everything she deserves.”

Bookpage (TOP PICK IN ROMANCE, The Game and the Governess)


“The subtle development of romance between the devil-may-care earl and the proper governess is the impetus behind this winning novel, complete with rich characters and a multi-dimensional plotline.”

—Publishers Weekly (STARRED REVIEW, Best Summer Romance pick, The Game and the Governess)



To celebrate the third in the Winner Takes All series, The Dare and the Doctor, we are hosting a giveaway and the WINNER will TAKE ALL books in the series: The Game and the GovernessThe Lie and the Lady and The Dare and the Doctor! Please note, you can enter at all participating blogs but you can only win once. U.S. only.


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Check out the other pretty covers that are in her series (book 1, 2 and 2.5) and more info can be found on Kate‘s website!!

To enter the giveaway for my post, you can either comment here or on my Facebook Page and I will draw a winner at random. Free romance books, who can say no to that?! Please feel free to check out the other very talented blogger pages that are on the tour.




A Review of Shades of Milk and Honey

Good evening,

I know I just recently posted about Shades of Doon but I couldn’t resist talking about this book considering I just finished it less than an hour ago and will be fresh in my mind. This is a personal record for me but sometimes books take me by the hand and demand I talk about them, including this one.


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I first heard about this series while browsing titles at my local library and the cover caught my attention. After reading the blurb, I wanted to take it home with me that day until I realized it was actually the second book in a series. After requesting this book, it didn’t take too long to receive and I was so excited to dive in especially when I read that it reminded some people of Jane Austen’s Work. This book did remind me of Jane Austen’s style in the sense of headstrong young girls, a woman who is trying to do what’s proper and a gruff male character who turns out to be different than expected.
In many other ways though, the story is different and at times more complex. What I mean by complex is that there’s magic and the main character finds herself in some rather awkward situations. Jane Ellsworth is a woman who is considered past her prime and supposedly plain compared to her spoiled younger sister Melody. In a time when beauty and poise seemed more appealing than smarts, it’s no wonder Jane felt as she did and my heart went out to her. She hasn’t made close friends over the years and much of her time is spent trying to soothe her mother or sister who seem easily excited.
She’s spent most of her life staying in the background that it’s certainly caused a catch 22 of trying to be proper but also feeling frustrated and self conscious. Jane is very talented though it’s often been stifled due to mixed feelings regarding her sister and the demands of being on the cusp of spinsterhood. She’s worked hard over the years to become talented at weaving magic and it takes the prompting of the mysterious Mr. Vincent for her to see that it’s okay to let one’s emotions bring about creativity. Jane also finds an uncommon friendship with Beth Dunkirk whose brother happens to be someone that Jane has developed feelings for though is too shy to speak up  especially when she isn’t sure if the feelings are mutual and the mixed signals she’s getting from her sister who seems to also like him. Both Jane and Vincent are two of my favorite characters who give so much of themselves.

I was really glad when Jane finally realized it was more than okay to be herself, to be more creative with her magic and showed people that she wasn’t a plain mouse that some seemed to assume she was. I was also glad that she followed her heart and didn’t choose to be with someone just because it was convenient nor was she afraid to protect those she cares for. While looks are nice to have, Jane shows that there’s more to look for in a partner than appearances.

Mrs. Ellsworth seemed to have too much time on her hands and not enough to do. She spent a lot of time complaining about her nerves and certainly looked for a lot of attention. I’m not a big fan of her character especially with her treatment regarding Jane though I will give her credit for causing distractions when needed.
This book had quite the interesting mix of Regency, magic, intrigue, and what can sometimes happen when attempting the proper thing can go wonky. Though luckily in this case, things don’t go too wrong. I personally think Jane should have smacked a certain Captain harder for all the trouble and embarrassment that a few people have to go through.I’m so glad that Jane shows there’s more than meets the eye and how love can find you when you least expect it.I’m looking forward to read more in this series!

Thank you so much for tuning in to my bookish ramblings and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I’m so glad there’s several books in this series and I can’t wait to see what next adventure is for Jane. While I have many other books to read before I can start the second book, I know it will be worth the wait and maybe by that time, the author might have come out with other books for me to enjoy! If you’d like to say hello please feel free to find me on Facebook or Instagram where I post my love of books, food, book themed items and nature. I will be back soon with more reviews!



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A Review of Forever Doon


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Good evening,

I’ve been so busy trying to play catch up on my reading, working and sleeping that there hasn’t been a lot of time for reviewing. Now that things have settled down for a bit, I can talk about one of the books I recently read which is Forever Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon. I first heard about this series back in the Spring when scrolling through Instagram. The cover had my attention and then when I found out it was about the mythical Brigadoon, I knew it would be worth reading. What I hadn’t expected was how much I would enjoy this series and the mixed feelings I have about this book possibly being the last in this amazing series.

It’s really hard for me to believe this is the final book in this series to be honest. I really hope that Carey & Lorie will still write about the Doon world as I’m really not ready to say good bye to all the characters in the books. I’ve come to enjoy the variety of different characters especially Veronica, Makenna, Duncan, Jamie and all the kind people of Doon. I won’t miss the witch Addie though as she was something else and eventually karma comes around to show her what being evil can result in.

This latest installment was full of adventure, mystery, the power of love, faith, magic, Kenna’s snarky humor, and lots of surprises. There were many things that left me stunned and I was really relieved that the cliffhanger from book three didn’t turn out to be as dark as I’d feared. That’s the thing about cliffhangers, they leave you wondering what’s going to happen next and hoping that it’s going to be okay. Well that’s how it is for me anyways.
Veronica, MacKenna and their guys face a lot of obstacles including dealing with their own stubbornness and fears but soon realize that they have a choice how to react to their situations. There’s a lot for these people to face especially with two still fairly new to Doon though they come to realize that there is a chance to save Doon and that sometimes help comes when it is least expected. The girls may not know much about being in a war but they are smart and find ways to prove they are more than capable of dealing with Addie and her minions as well as showing their men that they won’t be left at home while the men go off to war.

I laughed at Kenna’s ability to be funny even when things seemed pretty dark for a while. I felt for her trying to deal with Duncan’s moodiness, learning how to be a warrior and she’s an awesome best friend to Veronica. Kenna has just as big of a heart as Veronica and really is someone you’d rather not have as your enemy.

I’d also like to give mention to Fergus, Fiona and several others who are all special and powerful in their own ways. Personally I’d love to have a best friend like Kenna who is equal parts funny and smart though she doesn’t see herself that way at times. Doonians and Destined face nearly impossible odds in the fight against Addie but they’re so strong together and are able to show what the power of good with believing can do.

I had troubles putting this book down and there’s so many feelings towards this last book. It was such a pleasure to read this series and I highly recommend it though prepare to want more when finished. Farewell Doon, hopefully just for a little while!

So that concludes my bookish ramblings about Doon though I will keep hoping that more will be written about this fascinating world and then I can review more! I love it when books grab my attention then find out there’s more books in the series and then keep my eye out for more. While I wait, there’s plenty of books to keep me occupied and I’ll keep adding to my neverending pile of books to be read because that’s part of the fun. If you’d like to see more about my love of reading, tea, picture taking, randomness and letting my inner bookworm loose from time to time, please feel free to follow me on Facebook or Instagram . Feel free to drop by and say hello as I’m always up for talking about books!



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A Review of The Veil of Time by Claire R. McDougall


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Good evening,

I came across this book from a recommendation which sounded very interesting and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I’m still reeling a bit from the ending and it’s taking me a bit to process all that’s gone on but I also really wanted to talk about this book.

From the moment I opened the first page, I was hooked and found it hard to put down. I have a soft spot for books that talk about the Celts, Time Traveling and mystery which was a few of the things this book had. Maggie Livingstone is a grieving Mother whose daughter Ellie died from the same epileptic seizures she often gets, yearns to move away from Glasgow, is trying to stay connected to her seventeen year old son Graeme, is about the be divorced from her husband, and will soon have a lobectomy to try to stop the seizures from disrupting her life as it already has.

While in the midst of all this, she decides to take a three month hiatus to a small town known as Dunadd where she plans to finish her thesis for a doctorate that was put on hold and take a break from the craziness that she was surrounded by. Her nearest neighbor is an older gentleman known as Jim and she also befriends a black cat that she names Winnie. As she researches for her thesis, she struggles with dreams during her seizures that seem so real and soon starts to wonder if they might not be. She soon learns that these dreams she has take place in 8th Century Scotland when the Celts ruled that particular area and it was the seat for royals. Knowing just the basics of Gaelic, she finds herself drawn to a quiet man known as Prince Fergus who is a father to Illa that bears a strong resemblance to Maggie’s lost daughter, widower and brother to King Murdoch. With the help of her neighbor Jim who knows quite a bit about Dunadd’s history, she soon learns that her dreams of Celtic Scotland seem to be happening around the mid 700’s and is near the time when King Murdoch is about to be defeated by the Picts though history doesn’t say whether he dies in that particular battle.
The more Maggie dreams about  a man named Fergus’s world, the harder it is for her to separate her present life from that of the to the 8th Century, caught between a rock and a hard place. She wants to stay in a world where Fergus and Illa are but also wants to be more present in her son Graeme’s life who she feels hasn’t been loved enough since Ellie died. Eventually she has to make a choice that will alter one world or the other and leave her heart even more split than it already is.

Claire did a great job of describing life in 8th Century Scotland and I found myself almost imagining being in that time period. What a different world from the present day in the sense of technology and modern plumbing but also the connection of family and the importance of working together. I’m always interested in reading more about the Celts before the Picts arrived to take over though the glimpse had me yearning to learn more. Due to the fact that there weren’t a lot of records kept during those years which was before most of the area was converted into Christianity, much of that history can really only be guessed at.

I really enjoyed the concept of how two people from different worlds who have language barriers can find themselves drawn to each other and figure out a way to communicate. Maggie’s Gaelic is rusty at best and Fergus has no inkling of English but they still can’t fight the attraction to each other though Fergus’s mother and father want him to marry someone that has royal lineage and to have more kids. You can’t always choose who you are to be with but sometimes fate can have other ideas and give you more options than planned.

This book has inspired me to want to learn more about 8th Century Scotland and about the various different types of people that helped contribute to the diverseness that is Scotland today. A lot has changed since the early days of Scotland but what hasn’t is some of the areas that are still rather wild and how beautiful the landscape is.

Perhaps some day I can visit this amazing country, meet some of the people, have a bottle of Fraoch and take lots of pictures of the beautiful landscapes. In the meantime, I will enjoy my soothing hot cup of Heather tea that was imported from Edinburgh and hope that some day I will read a sequel to this fascinating tale.

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A Veil of Time by Claire R. McDougall

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Thank you so much for tuning in and I hope that you’ve enjoyed my  bookish ramblings. As you can see, the Celts and Scotland are two subjects that I can’t help reading about especially if there’s some romance involved. I found the concept of time being continuous and not limited to one straight timeline fascinating. I honestly don’t know if time travel is possible but I do think that we have the option to see things in our dreams that we probably won’t in real life. Now it’s time to finish this post and jump into the other books that are waiting to be read. Please feel free to tune in soon to see what next I have to ramble about.




A Review of The Return of Sir Percival: Guinevere’s Prayer

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Good evening,

It’s a rainy evening here in Minnesota and I’m enjoying watching a storm from my dry and warm livingroom.

I just finished reading The Return of Sir Percival by S. Alexander O’Keefe. This book was an interesting version of what life might have been like after King Arthur’s death with Merlin still having a plan up his sleeve and hoping things will fall into place.
Sir Percival is a man haunted by many ghosts and who was sent on a journey to find the Holy Grail in an attempt to save Arthur by Merlin. That quest takes over ten years from the Middle East to Alexandria Egypt where he becomes friends with a Numidian named Capussa while serving an unjust year sentence and learning the ways of a Gladiator. When he becomes free, he journeys back to Briton to deliver his findings to Guinevere whom he is in love with though won’t admit it.
In many ways Percival is very much the reluctant but honorable hero who seeks peace and yet can’t stand seeing some of his fellow countrymen beaten down by the Norse and wicked Morgana who took over much of his former King’s lands.
Though he appears to not have the military smarts and determination to not only do what’s right but succeed to his enemies, he’s very much full of surprises.
Guinevere is portrayed in a very interesting way that shows she’s a woman of her time but is also very smart, kind hearted and fiercely protective of those she cares for. Helpless to do some things such as take back her kingdom from enemies without help and go far from the safety of her family’s lands in Wales, she doesn’t let that deter her from trying to do what she can and staying strong.

I thought it was an interesting concept of choosing to have Morgana and Merlin originally from Rome and the Roman Militia aspects. Considering how influential Rome still was in that era, it went well with the storyline.
Overall, I thought it was a complex story full of complex characters and enjoyed that it was written with words you’d expect to find when talking about the time period of King Arthur. I really liked the fact that this wasn’t about Lancelot and Guinevere being star crossed lovers nor were there hints of Guinevere or Arthur cheating on each other. While I do enjoy the occasional read about these two getting together, it wouldn’t have worked with this particular storyline.
I can see why Guinevere and Percival became very close especially during King Arthur’s reign. They are both strong, kind hearted and honorable people who want their country to be free of raiders, Morgana’s treachery and be happy.
This book was an interesting mix of myth, adventure, unexpected love and a few unexpected twists. People who enjoy different versions of King Arthur’s time with a bit of Roman thinking tossed in will enjoy this book.

So that concludes my bookish ramakings about this story. I have a stack of books to read that almost equals my height including ARCs to read before release dates. I hope you’ve enjoyed my review and feel free to drop back in soon.

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The Return of Sir Percival: Guinevere’s Prayer by S. Alexander O’Keefe

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